The School Day

At Kingdown School, we have five 60 minute lessons and one 20 minute tutor period each day.

The day starts at 8.30am with the first bell when students make their way to their first lesson.

In total, students will be in school for 6 hours 20 mins each day (8.30am to 2.50pm) which totals 31 hours and 40 mins each week (not including after school activities).

8.30am to 9.30am Lesson 1
9.30am to 10.30am Lesson 2
10.30am to 10.50am Tutor Time
10.50am to 11.20am Break
11.20am to 12.20pm Lesson 3
12.20pm to 1.20pm Lesson 4
1.20pm to 1.50pm Break
1.50pm to 2.50pm Lesson 5
2.50pm onwards After school activities

Two Week Timetable

By operating a two week timetable (Week 1 and Week 2), Kingdown School is able to provide flexibility for a broad and balanced curriculum.

It also allows us to focus an appropriate amount of time on the core subject areas.

After School Activities

On Monday, teachers are in meetings after school so there are no late buses and only limited after school activities on offer. 

However, on Tuesday through to Thursday, we offer a wide range of after school activities (sporting and non-sporting) and late buses are also available.

Extra Curricular Clubs