Personal Development

Personal Development is how we encourage our students to grow and flourish. Our intent for personal development is in line with our three core school values of Believe, Aspire and Achieve.

To our students; we want you to:

Believe – develop your self-confidence, resilience and self-belief. Be able to take on challenges, bounce back from failure and face the future with a positive outlook.

Aspire – have a range of opportunities and experiences to develop ambitious goals, aim to ‘be the best you can be’ in all that you do at Kingdown and in the wider world.

Achieve –gain strong and relevant qualifications and the skills for lifelong learning. Be actively engaged with your learning in all subjects.

Information on how Personal Development is woven throughout the school can be found in the document below.


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PD and PSHE roadmap Sep 2023 12th Oct 2023 Download