House System

Kingdown School operates a House System with vertical tutor groups. The vertical tutoring system places students from each year (7 to 13) in the same tutor group.

How does the house system work?

We have six houses at Kingdown School, each led by a Head of House:

Lord's House Mrs Miller 
Millennium House Mrs Twigger 
Silverstone House (Acting Head of) Mr Case 
Twickenham House Mr Hatcher 
Wembley House Mr Bindon 
Wimbledon House Mr Player 


Siblings are placed in the same House but siblings are not usually put in the same tutor group. Each tutor group has approximately 24 students:

  • Four from Year 7
  • Four from Year 8
  • Four from Year 9
  • Four from Year 10
  • Four from Year 11
  • ​Four from Year 12/13

Each tutor group meets for 20 minutes at 10.30am each day with their tutor, and with the rest of their House for an assembly each week.

There is a structured tutoring programme in place covering current affairs, personal development, house assembly, reading provision, quiz on news items, leadership day and administrative tutoring tasks.

Contacting your child’s tutor

Your first point of contact will always be your child’s tutor, but please remember that in any large school it will not be possible to speak to the tutor immediately.

When you phone the school, a message will be left for the tutor, who will then contact you. Some problems are solved by a phone call, others might require a meeting. This will be up to the tutor to decide and organise.

If the problem relates to work in a particular subject, the tutor might suggest a discussion or meeting with the teacher concerned, or the Head of Department should this be necessary.

Who to contact

If you have any questions about the house system, please contact: Mr Richardson, Assistant Headteacher