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Meet The Senior Leadership Team

SLT Group   CroppedFrom left to right, back row (standing): Mr Humphrey, Mr Murray, Mr Richardson, Mr Haydon, Mr Hatcher, Mr Holman. From left to right, front row (seated): Mrs Hill, Mr Dudley, Mrs Carpenter, Miss Hart, Mr Marsh.

Carpenter helen 2021Helen Carpenter


Growing up in Cheltenham, I wanted to be a teacher from age 4 and am very proud to be the first member of my family to attend university.  I always had a book in my hand as a child and teenager so being an English teacher was the natural outcome of that!  

Having taught at Kingdown in 2000, I always wanted to return after various leadership roles took me to other Wiltshire schools because I love the school so much. I’ve been in school leadership for 20 years now and taught for nearly 30! I am very, very proud to lead this superb school community and work hard every day for our students and staff.  I like the fact that we have so many different students here from such diverse backgrounds and the strong relationships our staff and students have; it’s a real community.  

If I’m not at work, I’m at the stables or with my daughter (now studying at Bath Spa university – proud mum) and husband Ed, who is an archaeologist. I ride Harry the horse as much as I can and compete in eventing, and am very occasionally successful!    

Holman toby

Toby Holman

Deputy Headteacher

I grew up in Thame, just outside Oxford before heading to study Business Management at The University of East Anglia before heading to complete my PGCE University of London and Masters in Education. I taught in an all boys comprehensive in Finchley, North London for eight years before joining Kingdown School in 2008.  

Across both schools, subjects have included: Business Studies, ICT, Media, Economics and Computing. My passion for vocational education and application of real world skills continues and working with students on applying these in the classroom. In school, I am responsible for attendance, data, school and site operations, trips and the curriculum model / staffing / timetable. 

Outside of school, I enjoy exercise, walking my two dogs with the family and sport. Previously I have played tennis competitively, but more recently, I enjoy swimming, biking, running and triathlons. Other interests include art, design, travel and politics.  

Dudley steven

Steven Dudley

Deputy Headteacher

I joined Kingdown School in September 2000 as the newly appointed Director of Physical Education and Sport. Prior to this I was Head of Physical Education at Chew Valley School for twelve years.  

In 2007 I took over the behaviour management of Kingdown School and I have remained in this post to this day. 

I have two grown-up children who both work in London and Kent, respectively, I spend time with them as much as possible.  Outside of school, I am a keen ‘single figured’ golfer and enjoy being active as much as possible. I am an avid gardener and have been known to help at the school with various projects. 

Hill natalie

Nat Hill

Deputy Headteacher

I have been working at Kingdown School since 2004, when I joined as deputy head of science. I enjoy teaching all three sciences, but my degree and deep enthusiasm are in Biology. I was Head of Science here for many years before I became assistant head in charge of Key stage 3, a job I really loved because I got to know so many students and support them through their school journey and into the right GCSE choices.  At this time, I was given an amazing opportunity to train and work as a design teacher for 2 years where I got to teach Year 7, 9 and 11 Product Design.  Later I progressed to Deputy head and have been involved in many areas of the school. This year I have started a new role as Inclusion manager where I look at how Kingdown can meet the needs of all our learners so they can grow as individuals and access their full potential. 

I am very lucky to work with such amazing students and dedicated staff. 

Hillier craig

Craig Hillier

Deputy Headteacher

I joined Kingdown School in 2009 as a teacher of Physical Education. I have now been at Kingdown for over 14 years. During my time here I have had many different responsibilities, but I am now in charge of KS4 and work across the Acorn Education Trust developing curriculum.  

I am fortunate to work with an amazing team of dedicated curriculum leaders across the 3 secondary schools, all of whom have a passion for their subject and a real desire to see students achieve. One of my main responsibilities is to help facilitate collaboration amongst subject staff, help develop the best curriculum in every subject and help every school achieve better outcomes through strong teaching and learning. 

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I still try to play football for a local team. I also enjoy running and the occasional game of golf.  

Richardson dave 2023David Richardson

Assistant Headteacher

I joined Kingdown School in 2009 as a teacher of Religious Studies. I have always been fascinated by the wider world, the wonderful people who inhabit it and the amazing diversity which makes life rich and exciting. I grew up in the Southeast, in Reading, before moving to Bath to study for my degree in RS, where I settled and now have a family of my own. 

Over the years my role at Kingdown has developed to see me leading pastoral care and safeguarding across the school. I believe that as adults in school, we have the privilege of working alongside young people as they grow towards their potential. As in any walk of life, in school, we see that many young people require additional support, care, guidance and a trusted adult to help in their personal development. 

From our daily tutor times to weekly assemblies, to PSHE lessons, to clubs, to student teams, to support around mental and emotional health and well-being, I strive to ensure we provide outstanding pastoral care to every one of our students. I’m ever proud to lead such a kind and caring pastoral team who every day, go above and beyond for our children and young people. 

I spend my days aiming to fulfil my vision that each of our students feels safe, happy, valued and that they belong. In between, you’ll still find me in the classroom, exploring what makes the people of our world so wonderful! 

Humphrey ian

Ian Humphrey

Assistant Headteacher

I joined Kingdown in 2010 as a teacher of Business Studies. Through the years I have taught a variety of additional subjects including ICT, and Sociology. Helping young people develop the skills they need to be successful in life, and to make a real difference is why I made the switch from the private sector to education, and that goal still drives me today. I take great pride in the work we do with students who have the ability to inspire, amaze and frustrate in equal measure. 
Currently I’m fortunate to lead and work with an amazing team of people within both Kingdown Sixth form, and Human Resources. In. Sixth form we are focused on developing an academic and pastoral program which consistently pushes our students to aspire, to challenge themselves, but importantly also provides much needed support to all, whilst in Human Resources I get to work closely with our amazing team of teachers and support staff.  

Outside of school I’m dad taxi for my two young sons, driving them to their various clubs, including football, Rugby and martial arts. I also enjoy playing rugby myself every week and staying as active as I can.  

Murray george

George Murray

Assistant Headteacher

I joined Kingdown School in 2001, as 2nd in Maths having worked in 2 schools previously. I grew up in Shropshire after my family moved from Glasgow and studied for a Maths degree in Sheffield before teaching in Worcestershire then Berkshire. Moving to Wiltshire was a smart move as I’m now married to Emma, who is also a teacher at the school, and our 3 sons are all at Kingdown too. So, it's fair to say that this school has played quite a role in my life as a teacher and as a parent. 

Over the years I have continued to teach Maths to generations of Warminster families and have had various roles since moving from Head of Mathematics to Assistant Headteacher. My current role is Assessment, Reporting and Examinations and the highlight is always the days in August when our Year 11 and Year 13 students celebrate the results of all their hard work over their time here. 

Outside of school I taxi my sons to various football and cricket matches across Wiltshire and beyond and have an energetic Labrador who takes me out for walks. 

Haydon henry

Henry Haydon

Assistant Headteacher

I joined Kingdown School in January 2011, as a teacher of Physical Education. Combining a passion for sport and physical activity with a desire to work with young people led me to completing a degree at the University of Gloucestershire and a PGCE at Bath Spa University.  I moved on within the PE department to become 2nd in PE and in turn, Head of PE where I was able to positively influence the experiences of PE for all our students no matter what their interests. I place huge value on the importance of physical activity alongside the academic side of school and firmly believe they go hand in hand to ensure our students physical and mental health is as strong as it can be.  

More recently, I have led Performing Arts and moved into the senior leadership team, initially working to support our pupil premium students and now working in inclusion, overseeing our Link and Behaviour Hub provisions.   

Outside of school, I spend my time with my young family who keep me busy. When time allows, I like to be as active as possible through running or playing cricket.  

Hatcher dan

Dan Hatcher

Associate Assistant Headteacher

I started at Kingdown as a trainee PE teacher from The University of Bath in 2008 and fast forward 15 years later, I am still here enjoying it more than ever! I am very local, growing up in Wincanton, Somerset and attending Gillingham Secondary School in Dorset.  I love PE and Sport (particularly Football and Cricket) which is why there was never another option but to pursue a career in it! 

I am really passionate about Pastoral care at Kingdown and have been the Head of Twickenham House for the last 8 academic years.  I have led Whole School Attendance at Kingdown for the last 5 years and am determined to support and motivate students to build resilience and improve academic achievement and social development as a result of having excellent attendance.  

My main Senior Leadership responsibilities beyond Attendance are Pupil Premium, Key Stage 3 and Primary Liaison.  I really enjoy welcoming students to our Breakfast Club every morning (specifically for our students entitled to Free School Meals) and enjoy working with students and families to support them with anything additional they may need to thrive at Kingdown.  We believe in every single one of our students at Kingdown and are dedicated to removing any potential barriers to their education and social development.  I am looking forward to meeting our next lot of new recruits (Year 6 students prospective Kingdown Students) in the Summer term.  

Marsh adam

Adam Marsh

Associate Assistant Headteacher

I joined Kingdown School in 2016, as the Head of Design Technology.  During my time here we have worked hard to develop a DT department that inspires all students to foster a natural curiosity in designing and making. I am proud of how our students challenge themselves to be the best designer makers they can be.  Through resilience and hard work, they find success in what they create.  I find particular pride in helping students to turn their passion into a worthwhile career path.  I have been teaching DT for 17 years and I am always so pleased to meet ex-students who have forged design related careers for themselves. 

Outside of school I enjoy developing my own designing and making skills, and I make a point to ensure I am continuously improving and developing my skills.  This can be improving my 3D printing skills one year, then brushing up on my welding technique the next! 

As an Associate Assistant Head my main role is supporting ECT teachers (our newer colleagues) in establishing their teaching and learning.  To improve the learning experience students get in the classroom, we believe it is vital the school invests heavily in our teachers.  Through the coaching and support of our new teachers, we are investing in the next generation of education in our school.  This real impact is something I feel passionate about.