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Lots of excellent books to recommend for you to read. Have a look at the lists below….

Suggestions for Year 7 and 8

Suggestions for Year 9

Suggestions for Year 10 and 11

We are a Reading School

We want to address the fact that some students don’t read. The students read in their Literacy lessons.

Reading Passports

Our students complete bronze, silver and gold reading passports in lessons- reading and completing activities.

The Library Cup

Literacy cup

Our students are also involved in The Library Cup. We want them to become enthusiastic about a book and create a project based on it.

Take your punctuation with you:

We tell our students that their punctuation does not stay in the Literacy classrooms. It has to go with them to all lessons, otherwise what is the point of them learning it? For us, punctuation is like arithmetic; practise it regularly and you’ll be good. Fail to practise and you’ll forget how to use it.

So, students get 2 whole terms of punctuation teaching on a spiral curriculum every year (7 – 11) in their Literacy lessons. We teach simple sentences, building to compound, and then complex sentences. 

We have developed a really simple idea based around ‘The Hand’. A sentence needs five key things:

  • A capital letter
  • A full stop (. ? !)
  • A subject
  • A verb
  • It makes sense on its own

One key example of the straight forward way we teach Literacy is the apostrophe. We have developed a box method.