Curriculum Model

The curriculum is everything that students learn in school. This is shaped by both Acorn, our academy trust, and the unique features of our school. 

The Acorn Curriculum Vision

As a member of Acorn Education Trust, our curriculum development is shaped by the vision shared by all the other schools in the Trust, both at primary and secondary level. To learn more about Acorn's vision for the curriculum, please click on the link below:

Acorn Curriculum VisionThe Kingdown Curriculum Model

As a school with our own identity and vision, however, we have also adapted the Acorn curriculum vision to reflect the needs and priorities of our own students. This adapted vision is reflected in our Kingdown Curriculum Model.

At Kingdown, we have a broad, balanced, and rich curriculum which is open and accessible to all students; it gives them the tools that they need to shape their own future and to achieve excellence in their own unique way.

At each Key Stage, we offer a wide range of academic and vocational subjects. You can find out more about these options by clicking on the relevant Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4 links below; for Key Stage 5, please visit the Sixth Form section of the website.

We have three core values in our school: Believe, Aspire, and Achieve. Alongside these values, our curriculum intent has been informed by a range of aims (what we want to achieve) and principles (things we think are important to help us pursue and achieve these aims).

The link below provides a family-friendly explanation of this curriculum model, including the full range of values, aims and principles.

Secondary Curriculum Model

Modern Foreign Languages

We believe in the importance of Modern Foreign Languages: Learning a language is not only a very important skill for employability, or that offers a range of employment options in the future; it is also a means of developing important communication skills, and for helping students appreciate their place in a broader, international community.

All students will learn at least one modern foreign language at Key Stage 3, but most students learn two: French and German. We also make languages very attractive to our students at both Key Stages 4 and 5, but will allow students the freedom to choose via the options process. Around 50% of our Key Stage 4 students happily choose to study a language at GCSE, but our goal is always to increase this number so that all students can benefit from them.

Personal Development

Our Personal Development curriculum runs from Years 7 to 13 and is the means by
which we deliver statutory learning in PSHE, RSE and careers education to our students. However, it is a lot more than this: Personal Development, whether delivered in assemblies, lessons or other activities, is the means by which we aim to give our students the knowledge and opportunities they need to lead happy, healthy lives, both now and in the future.

We have planned our Personal Development curriculum around the guidelines provided by the PSHE Association. However, it is also organised around our three core values: Believe, Aspire, and Achieve.