Further Covid prevention measures at Kingdown School

October 27th 2021

Dear Parents / Carers
Covid prevention measures at Kingdown School
As you might be aware, there has been a noticeable rise in the number of Positive PCR tests in the past fortnight and these cases have seen a number of students having to isolate from school. As preventative measures, at Kingdown School we will be making the following changes:

From Tuesday 2nd November

  • We will not be holding any large gathering of students – for example, a year group assembly or house assembly. These will be moving to Teams
  • We will increase the recommendation to students to wear face coverings in communal areas*
  • One way systems in the Maths and English blocks will be in place (from M6 to M1 direction and E1 to E6, E11 to E19)
  • Increased hand sanitisation on entry to classrooms. If students are able to bring in their own hand sanitiser, this would be of significant financial help to the school
  • Windows will continue to be left open to increase airflow / ventilation  
  • Coats may be worn in classrooms next term as we will continue to ventilate

*Please note that we do not have facemasks available to give to students now – it is up to you to provide a mask for your child. 

We have been fortunate as a large school with a large number of teachers that we have not had to change the teaching provision. However, we must take actions now to limit the spread of covid and the above steps will help to do this. 
Many thanks for your continued support throughout the pandemic and ahead too in helping to discuss the above measures with your child(ren).
Yours sincerely


Helen Carpenter, Toby Holman

Heads of School