Key Stage 3

Undeniably, the leap from primary to secondary is a big part of growing up and for some it is seen as an overwhelming experience. A team of some of our Year 7 students decided to let us know how they really felt about settling in at a new school and what their first impressions of Kingdown have been just one term in.

Jack and Elisha, from Twickenham House; Jessica and Bijay, from Lords House; Sameera and George, from Wimbledon House; Louis and Aleasha, from Wembley House and Adam and Hannah, from Millennium House all contributed to the discussion.

Were you nervous?

When asked the question, were you nervous on your first day at Kingdown School, surprisingly the overall reaction was a resounding ‘not at all!!’ but as the discussion progressed, Sameera divulged, ‘It’s a big school but everyone’s really welcoming. I was actually quite scared coming in when there were 6th formers in Tutor, but they’re now like big sisters and brothers.’

One big family

Bijay supported this when he spoke about how he felt his House, Lords, was like ‘One big Family’ and how he really values having a 6th form mentor in his tutor group to share problems and to bond with.

Hannah added, ‘I could see a big difference in coming here because at my primary school there was only 150 students, but I’ve settled in great and I’ve made lots of new friends and still meet up with my old friends from primary school.’

Proud to be part of a House

All the representatives were extremely proud of their individual Houses and the qualities each House had. Adam exclaimed, ‘Our head of House -I feel like I’ve known him for five or six years. He is very interested in me and what I’m interested in.’

Wide opportunities

All agreed that Kingdown School opened up a wider range of opportunities for them. Sameera commented that she liked Science for all the practical experiments she has done which she didn’t get to do at primary school. Jess has enjoyed Food Technology as she got to make rock cakes. George reported how Music is his favourite subject, also adding that he had guitar lessons at primary school and he’s looking forward to starting guitar lessons here at Kingdown after Christmas.

Who to contact

If you have any questions about Key Stage 3, please contact Mrs Hill, Deputy Headteacher, Head of Key Stage 3