Our Curriculum

We are proud to be a part of the Acorn Education Trust. As a Trust, we believe passionately that every student:

  • Feels they belong
  • Is challenged
  • Develops a love of learning
  • Has aspiration
  • Makes a unique contribution to their school, and
  • Is ready for their world in their time.

The following bullet points emphasise the fundamental principles of our curriculum:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum which is open and accessible to all students
  • Excellence in teaching and learning, delivered by teachers with a deep knowledge of their subject area
  • High expectations at all times, with a belief that all students can meet those expectations
  • A strong focus on achievement in academic and vocational qualifications
  • Flexibility in the curriculum to allow students to follow their talents and interests, as well as providing extra support and challenge where required
  • Appropriate and bespoke support for students with additional needs
  • An emphasis on the development of literacy across all curriculum areas
  • An opportunity for students to study a wide range of subjects at Key Stage 3, accessing the cultural capital this provides
  • Developing in students the key skills of Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Independence and Communication
  • A large and vibrant extracurricular offer which provides a huge range of opportunities to develop the character and personal well-being of students