Our Curriculum

Curriculum Vision and Values

Kingdown School is located in Warminster and is at the heart of the local community, both in terms of our students and as a local employer. We are a fully inclusive community school and welcome students from all ages (from Year 7-13), backgrounds and abilities, including our 10% Service children, as Warminster is an ‘army town’.

Our curriculum is designed to reflect our vision statement – Believe, Aspire, Achieve.

The vision for the curriculum is grounded in research, using the ideas of Mary Myatt and Tom Sherrington in particular. Leaders have shared this vision, and training has been given at all levels on our curriculum vision and on curriculum construction principles. The needs of our students in our particular local context have been at the forefront when considering our vision.  

We aim to develop a well-rounded person – both academically and socially. The curriculum throughout the school is designed to progressively develop knowledge and skills, as well as offering a range of experiences and opportunities both inside and beyond the classroom. PSHE and the pastoral curriculum provide students with the cultural capital and life skills they need to succeed in life beyond school, as well as providing exposure to others’ values and points of view.

Why ‘Believe, Aspire, Achieve’?

Our aim is to develop the young people in our care, so that they arrive as enthusiastic children in Year 7, and leave us at the end of Year 13 as fully rounded young adults. We want them to be ready to face the world with confidence and a belief that they can go on and achieve their dreams.  Our students’ lives will be significantly enhanced by their experiences at Kingdown.

The curriculum has been designed to reflect the school’s core values for students to ‘Believe, Aspire and Achieve’. This translates into an ambitious curriculum for all students, with the goal of equipping students with the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics to succeed both within and beyond school. 

We aim to achieve this goal through our 3 core values:

Believe – developing students’ self-confidence, resilience and self-belief, enabling them to take on challenges, bounce back from failure and face the future with a positive outlook. 

Aspire – providing students with a range of opportunities and experiences to enable them to develop ambitious goals, encouraging them to take up these opportunities and empowering them to ‘be the best they can be’ in all that they do at Kingdown and in the wider world.

Achieve – ensuring students gain strong and relevant qualifications and the skills for lifelong learning, to progress effectively to destinations post-16 or post-18, through active engagement with their learning in all subjects. 

Our 3 values are embedded in our curriculum in the school. They also underpin our rewards policy and we actively look to praise students for showing these qualities in their everyday lives.

Curriculum Principles – Part of the Acorn Education Trust

We are proud to be part of the Acorn Education Trust. As a Trust, we believe passionately that every child/student:

1. Feels they belong

Feeling safe, happy and supported is the first priority in every setting. They are the foundations upon which the next five aims can be established and achieved.

2. Is challenged

Every day in lessons, in regular and one off activities and events, the students are encouraged to feel like “Bambi on Ice”, instilling confidence, resilience, the desire to take on new opportunities, take risks, and, accept failure and success.

3. Develop a love of learning

The interests and talents of each student, alongside the key skills of literacy and numeracy well as consideration of breadth, balance, and specialised provision, drives each curriculum, allowing all learners to flourish.

4. Has aspiration

Opportunities to widen their horizons locally, nationally and internationally ensures every child/student is engaged, has a sense of inquiry and continues to work with rigor, enthusiasm and a sense of purpose.

5. Makes a unique contribution to their school

Independence, leadership, teamwork, a sense of community, of giving and taking and being the best that you can be, is developed at every educational stage.

6. Is ready for their world in their time

Every trust leader and school leader must know and understand their schools, their children/students and their community, and, through regular monitoring and evaluation is able to adapt the curriculum to ensure it is preparing every learner for their next stage.

Next Steps

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