Message For Year 11

September 20th 2021


Dear Parent/Carer,

As your Year 11 child embarks on what is arguably the most important year of their education, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Mr Hillier and I am a Deputy Headteacher at Kingdown School and in charge of KS4. Firstly, I would like to congratulate our Year 11 students on a very successful start to term 1. Having completed their first week, I have received many positive comments from teachers referring to the mature and determined nature in which they have returned. I will be meeting with all Year 11 this week to discuss my expectations for the year, these will include:

  1. Attendance and punctuality to lessons
  2. The importance of working hard
  3. Completing all homework
  4. Being respectful
  5. Have PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence)
  6. Uniform School Uniform - Kingdown School

Please find below some Key Dates for Year 11 and some information on Careers for our Year 11 students. I will communicate with you regularly to keep you informed of everything related to Year 11, however, if you have any specific queries relating to your child, please contact their Tutor or Myself, we will be happy to help.

Key Dates – Year 11

27th September – 1st October

Celebration Awards Week

27th September – 1st October

Year 11 Assessment Week

1st October

Sponsored Walk

8th October

Non-uniform Day – Red/White/Blue

13th -15th October

Year 11 Hospitality & Catering Practical Mock Exam

1st November

1.00pm-5.00pm Meet the Tutor (Video Meetings)

10th – 11th November

Year 11 Engineers Trowbridge College Taster Day

12th November

Non-uniform Day – Children in Need

18th November

6.00pm Post 16 Options Evening

26th November

Year 11 Art Trip – Bristol

29th November – 10th December

Year 11 Mocks 1

16th December

6.30pm Christmas Music Concert

11th – 13th January

Year 11 Geography Trip – Bristol

19th January

Year 11 Mock Results Day

20th January

4.00pm – 7.00pm Year 11 Parents’ Meetings

8th February

Twickenham Year 11 & Tutors Revision Planning Session

9th February

Wembley Year 11 & Tutors Revision Planning Session

10th February

Millennium Year 11 & Tutors Revision Planning Session

15th February

Silverstone Year 11 & Tutors Revision Planning Session

16th February

Lord’s Year 11 & Tutors Revision Planning Session

17th February

Wimbledon Year 11 & Tutors Revision Planning Session

7th – 18th  March

Year 11 Mock Exams 2

21st – 25th March

Year 11 Parent / Student Exam Preparation Meetings

31st March

Year 11 Reports Home

31st March

6.30pm Spring Music Concert / Young Musician of the Year

4th – 6th April

Awards Assemblies (by House; dates to be confirmed)

TBC: 16th May – 28th June

Summer Exams

4th – 8th July

Sixth Form Induction Week

7th July

Year 11 Prom

8th July

Sports Day

14th July

5.00pm Summer Music Concert

20th July

6.00pm Musical Theatre Production

21st July

3.00pm Musical Theatre Production

6.00pm Musical Theatre Production


Miss Gale – Careers Advisor at Kingdown School.

Year 11 is a crucial year for applying to Post-16 options, which could be 6th Form, an apprenticeship/ traineeship or College (including T-Levels).  All students in year 11 have the opportunity to meet with myself, Miss Gale, L6 qualified Careers Advisor to discuss what they want to do in the future as a Career and what they want to do Post-16.  I am happy to meet with parents also via TEAMS or in person, if you feel this would be beneficial, please e-mail me to book:

We encourage students to plan ahead and in doing so, take the time to research and make an informed decision about their future.  With this in mind, College and 6th Form open events begin in October and I would advise you visiting early as the application deadline for Kingdown 6th form is 17th December (other 6th forms will vary, please see their website for specific information).

We have also set the deadline of Friday 17th December for all other applications for student’s Post-16 options as this then allows them time to focus on their exams and coursework.  Applying early will also ensure they have information from the relevant 6th form/ college about any taster days; for example Bath College are looking to do a 1 day College taster day in February half term for students who have applied.

Further information about Careers and Post-16 options will be posted in the Kingdown newsletter and via twitter: @KingdownCareers (please follow if you aren’t’ already).  You will also find a wealth of information about Post-16 options and Careers on Career Pilot and also via out school website (under year 7-11 heading and Careers at KS3 & KS4), where you will find a link to our Bespoke Career Companion site

Reminder of Key Dates:

Wiltshire College 1st Open Day, Trowbridge:             Thursday         14th October 2021 (5-7pm)
Bath College 1st Open Day:                                         Wednesday    13th October 2021 (4-7pm) at both City Centre and Somer Valley campuses

Kingdown 6th Form Post-16 Options Open Evening   Thursday         18th November 6pm

Kingdown 6th Form deadline for applications:           Friday              17th December 2021,


Mr Hillier