Year 12 Induction - Your Questions Answered

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June 24th 2021

Dear Year 12 students,

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to your induction on Monday 28th. Below are a few of the questions I’m commonly being asked for your information, just in case you have these queries too. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

All the best,

Mr Phelps


What entrance to school should we use?

Use the Sixth form entrance which is by the side of Design

I’m new to Kingdown – where should I go Monday morning at the beginning of the induction?

Go to reception we will take you to your tutor room for the first lesson.

What time will I be in school each day?

You will be in school for a normal school day – 08:30 – 14:50

Can I leave the school site through the day?

You are able to leave the school site at break times only, but you must sign out in reception, and sign back in at reception when you return at the end of break. You are not able to leave the school site during any lesson, tutor session or study period.

What should I wear on the day the Army are in?

Wear clothes which you can be active in. Our advice would be to wear those clothes to school, and to bring a spare set of clothes which you can change into should it rain

Where can I buy food during the induction?

We have a canteen in the Sixth Form centre which students can use to purchase food. The canteen uses the same cashless system as lower school

I’m a student who wasn’t at Kingdown in year 11 so I’m not registered for the cashless food system. How can I get food/drink?

Students who were not at Kingdown School previously will be able to use cash to purchase food and drink from the Sixth form canteen through the two weeks

I am not entirely sure which subjects I would like to study. Can I try other subjects apart from those I’ve chosen?

Absolutely. The induction is about helping you to make the right choice about your subjects. Please do feel free to drop into a range of subjects to see what they are like.

How do I know when my lessons are?

We have emailed you a timetable, and you will be provided with a paper copy in the first lesson on your arrival (which will be with your tutor)

If I want to change my subject choices during induction, can I do that?

Yes. Let Mr Phelps (your Head of Year) or one of the Sixth form team know we can make the change for you and print a new timetable.

Who should I tell if I’m ill during the induction so won’t be in?


Do you want us to keep testing for covid through the induction?

Remember to take a lateral flow test on Sunday the 27th before the induction starts, and then Wednesday 30th June, Sunday 4th July, and Wednesday 7th July. If you do not have sufficient tests available we will make sure that tutors have boxes to provide you during the first session on Monday 28th.

I develop covid symptoms or test positive for covid through the induction – who should I tell?

Please email and as soon as you are able.

Do I need to wear masks at school?

You will not need to wear masks in lessons, but you need to wear a mask between lessons.