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July 2nd 2021

Important information below for all students / parents about the reporting of Lateral Flow Test Results.

COVID-19 Home Testing – Please read if you are a parent of a student participating in Home Testing

Thank you for continuing to home test and submitting your results to the School and NHS websites.

The response has been fantastic and we appreciate your efforts in keeping our school safe.  This week students will be issued with another 7 home tests to complete on the dates below.

Home Testing

Students will be asked to continue testing at home on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 16th June
  • Sunday 20th June
  • Wednesday 23rd June
  • Sunday 27th June
  • Wednesday 30th June
  • Sunday 4th July
  • Wednesday 7th July

How the tests work

Your test kits will contain 7 at-home tests.

Students will conduct the test on Sundays and Wednesdays and report the results to both NHS Test & Trace and the school before 9:00pm on that day.

The LFDs supplied do not require laboratory processing and can provide a quick result in around 30 minutes. Comprehensive guidance on self-testing is contained in the ‘Instructions for Use’ leaflet which comes with the test kit. There is also a useful video to show you how to administer the test.

Submitting the test results

Once the test has been conducted you must log the test result online here (or using the QR code below) and also, separately, inform school of the test result on this Microsoft Form.

If the test is positive please also email the school at

Please only email this address to report a positive case.

You will receive a text and/or email notification of a positive or negative result from NHS Test & Trace.

Testing is voluntary, and your child will not be prevented from coming in to school if you do not take part. The success of this public health measure depends on as many people participating as possible.

Consent / Privacy 

Please note that once you understand the testing process and have read the privacy notice, if you choose to participate you are committing to self-administer the test and provide your results to both NHS Test and Trace and the school. If you decline to participate, you can of course still attend school if not symptomatic, but should follow the usual national guidelines on self-isolation and get tested if you do show any symptoms of coronavirus. 

Please contact Craig Hillier ( if you have any further questions. 

Once again thank you for your continued support.