Kingdown is now a 'Phone-Free' School

July 3rd 2023


Kingdown School Mobile Devices - ‘A phone free site’

The following applies to mobile phones, tablets, iPads, smart watches, headphones and all other mobile devices.

Mobile phones must be switched off and not seen when students enter the school site. If phones (or other devices) are seen by any member of staff, the student will be sent to the Behaviour Hub for a Tier 2 sanction (see flow chart below). Students can use their phones only after they have left the school site. Students are able to hand phones in for the school day (on request).

This information has been explained to students in assemblies delivered by the Headteacher and has also been communicated directly to parents and carers.

We offer students access to a school phone if they need to urgently contact a parent or carer. This will be available via the front reception. Students can come to this area at break times, to request use of the school phone. If parents or carers need to contact their child, they can do so via the school reception.

If at any stage a student refuses to hand over their mobile phone, they will receive a Tier 3 and an after school detention.

Students can collect their phones after 2:50pm.

Phone Free Flow Chart