The Aspire centre is located in a small bungalow opposite Kingdown School on Woodcock Road.

It is an Enhanced Provision offering temporary and longer term education placements to students who find learning in a mainstream secondary school extremely challenging due to difficulties with Communication and Interaction and/or difficulties relating to a diagnosis of autism. 

It is staffed full-time by one specialist teacher and one teaching assistant.

Additional teachers offering subject specialism assist in delivering a rounded curriculum. Kingdown’s Senior Leadership Team together with support from our SENCo team oversee and support Aspire.

Access to Aspire

To best support the student, we gather documentation related to your child’s need including:

•          A comprehensive MSP, EHCP or Behaviour Plan and review documents;

•          A risk assessment if relevant;

•          Any de-escalation or manual handling plans;

•          A one-page profile advocating the child’s voice;

•          An Enhanced Provision application form;

•          A completed SNIP behaviour audit;

•          Any relevant outside agency reports.

The SEND Director will then visit your child in his/her setting and meet with you and school staff in order to discuss the application and access to Aspire. 

If a placement is agreed, a personalised action plan would be developed for the child’s time at Aspire.

You and your child will have the opportunity to visit Aspire and meet the staff.

Aspire placements will only be offered to Key Stage 3 and 4 students. Placements at Aspire will be allocated strictly according to need.

Placements at Aspire

Placements will generally be on a fairly long-term basis as this provision will be employed when all resources within our mainstream setting have been tried. 

Placements are reviewed at least termly with a reintegration to mainstream (part-time of full-tome) should this be indicated.  Some children may require a lengthy intervention where Aspire becomes their main provision.  Some students may need a regular part-time placement and some may require extended transition back mainstream learning. 

The placement will be bespoke to the individual.  There are no more than 8 children placed at Aspire at any one time.  This is in order to offer children an appropriate level of support. 

Children will wear regular school uniform - unless they are doing practical activities when flexibility is granted. 

In terms of behaviour, attendance and academic progress, Aspire students receive the same support and guidelines as students on main site.

Who to contact

If you have any questions about our enhanced provision at Kingdown School, then please contact Mr Gunstone, Assistant Headteacher