The Edge

What is The Edge?

The Edge is an programme especially for Year 7 students, designed to encourage you to develop the five important qualities of leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication (or ‘LORIC’ skills).

During Year 7, students are encouraged to take on different challenges each term, to show you are practising and growing in these important skills.

Each term, you’ll be asked to complete challenges and fill in the details of what you’ve done, on the school website.

Students who complete the required challenges each term will be rewarded for their efforts.

Time in PSHE lessons, with Heads of House, will be dedicated to looking at progress with ‘The Edge’, across the year.

Click here to tell us about your first challenge – Leadership!

Click here to tell us about your second challenge – Organisation!

Click here to tell us about your third challenge – Resilience!

Need a reminder on how to use the form at the link above? Mr Richardson has created a step by step guide to watch here.

If you have any questions about The Edge, you can speak to your Head of House, or Mr Richardson at