Options Pathways

All students will be put into one of three coloured routeways, based on their attainment at KS3. The colours are Red Aspire, Red, Purple and Green.

These routeways determine the number of GCSE or equivalent qualifications that students will obtain and, in some cases, the combination of subjects that they can choose.  More about the routeways and the choice of subjects will be discussed at options evening.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

We believe very strongly that one of the core purposes of secondary school is to equip all students with the highest standards of literacy and numeracy, which are developed throughout the curriculum. These key skills enable Kingdown students to successfully progress at the age of 16 to Sixth Form study, to a vocational course at another provider, or into an apprenticeship or job with training. Therefore, the Key Stage 4 curriculum at Kingdown School is designed to provide a rigorous academic core for all students, alongside a range of curriculum options which enable students to specialise in the subjects they enjoy the most.

We organise our curriculum into two halves:

The Core Curriculum (approx. 60% curriculum time)

  • English – all students study English Language and English Literature GCSE. English Literature GCSE is taken in Year 10.
  • Maths – all students study Maths GCSE; many students also take GCSE statistics, or Additional Maths (also known as Further Maths). Statistics GCSE is taken in Year 10.
  • Science – all students study either double award Science (leading to 2 GCSEs), or the separate sciences (leading to separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • PSHE – non-examined. Students take a discussion-based approach to key themes from the personal, social and health education curriculum.

The Optional Curriculum (approx. 40% curriculum time)

Alongside the core curriculum, students can opt in to study for 3 or 4 additional subjects. To help guide students’ choices appropriately, students are classified into one of four ‘routeways’:

Red Route – our most academic routeway. Students select 4 single options from a choice of around 20 available subjects.

Purple Route – our most flexible routeway. Students select either 3 or 4 options from the available subjects. Students opting for 3 options select one ‘double option’, which is given extended curriculum time.

Green Route – our routeway which offers mainly vocational options. Students select 2 options from the subjects available, which place an emphasis on work-related and more hands-on learning.

Who to contact

If you have any questions about the Key Stage 4 curriculum model, please contact:


Curriculum Model for September 2020