School Uniform

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We are a genderless uniformed school and take care to see that high standards are maintained by all of our students. To maintain high standards of school uniform we need the support of our families. We feel that uniform gives a sense of identity, pride and belonging. It is also efficient workwear for the school day.

The Kingdown School uniform comprises of:

  • School Blazer 
  • Tartan Skirt* or dark grey trousers (relaxed fit only)
  • House tie
  • White shirt
  • Black V neck pullover (optional) may be worn under the blazer, but not on its own.
  • No hoodies, but a zipped or buttoned warm top may be used as a coat.
  • Grey, black or white socks, or black tights (bring spare pair of socks for PE)
  • Black low heeled shoes (no boots, trainers, boots or pumps)
  • Coat: plain, dark colour
  • Acrylic nails do not form part of our school uniform and in some lessons are potentially dangerous. Nails should be of short length and of nude / natural colour
  • Long hair should be tied back for all PE and practical lessons


We allow a watch, one small ring and stud earrings, a maximum of one in the lower ear lobe. No facial jewellery is allowed.

Uniform Suppliers

Most items of school uniform can be purchased from any of the major retail shops, or larger supermarkets. Certain items such as blazers, ties and items of PE kit are available from our unfirm suppliers 'Scholars' who have branches in both Warminster and Trowbridge.

42 George Street,
BA12 8QB
Tel: 01985 847757

Frequently Asked Questions

Are blazers compulsory?

Yes, blazers must be worn to school every day. During spells of warm weather a decision will be made by the Headteacher if this requirement is to be relaxed.

Parents will be advised via a school message if there are long term adjustments to uniform because of the weather (for example, hot weather, or snow and ice).

Are gel/acrylic/wraps/stick on false nails allowed to be worn?

No. Nails must be short and nude/clear in colour. No false or long pointed nails are allowed as they can be a safety hazard.

Are any facial piercings allowed?

One pair of stud earrings in the standard lower lobe position is permitted. No other facial/ear/mouth piercings are permitted. New piercings that cannot be removed for a period of time should not be done in term time.

Wearing makeup to school?

Students who want to wear makeup should save it for when they’re at home. We would prefer students to be fresh faced and the focus of school to be education. KS4 and above are permitted to wear natural, understated makeup. Dramatic, and heavier, makeup, along with false lashes etc. are more appropriate for out of school hours.

Haircuts and hair length

Extreme haircuts, including wedges, undercuts, shaved head, patterns or lines shaved in or dyed hair (including wash in wash out colours) are not part of school uniform. Long hair must be tied back for safety reasons.

What should I do if there is a problem with my child’s uniform?

Students can be issued with a ‘green card’ for temporary exemption. These can be obtained from the Pastoral Office (in between B5 and B6 in the maths building) on a daily basis.

A note in your child’s organiser or an email to your child's tutor to explain the problem and when it will be resolved is always helpful and can help avoid awkward conversations in the office.  

PE Uniform

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Below are the uniform requirements for PE lessons at Kingdown School:

Compulsory PE Kit

  • Black Micro Fleece (available from Scholars)
  • Fitted (girls style) or loose (boys style) polo shirt (available from Scholars)
  • Shorts or skort (available from Scholars)
  • Sports leggings or normal leggings – only to be worn but underneath shorts or a skort.
  • Socks – Red (available from Scholars)
  • Footwear – Sports trainers (no daps)
  • Swimming Costume (plain coloured one piece swimming suit – preferably blue or black)
  • Hair is to be tied back for all PE lessons.
  • No jewellery to be worn.
  • All piercings to be removed.
  • We recommend the use of shin pads and gum shields.

Optional PE Kit

  • Waterproof rain jacket (available from Scholars)
  • Black tracksuit bottoms

Compulsory PE Kit

  • Reversible rugby shirt (available from Scholars)
  • Loose (boys style) polo shirt (available from Scholars)
  • Shorts (available from Scholars)
  • Socks – Red (available from Scholars) or white sports socks
  • Footwear – sports trainers (no daps), Football boots
  • Swimming trunks/shorts (no Bermuda or board shorts)
  • No jewellery to be worn.
  • All piercings to be removed.
  • We recommend the use of shin pads and gum shields.

Optional PE Kit

  • Base layers – red or black (a red base layer is available from Scholars)
  • Waterproof rain jacket (available from Scholars)
  • Plain blue or black tracksuit bottoms
  • Please note: Students are expected to change for PE lessons regardless of illness or injury – An alternative non-performing role will be provided.
  • Please ensure all items of PE clothing are named.
    All items are subject to availability.

Scholars reserve the right to alter product specification or price at any time without prior notice.

42 George Street,
BA12 8QB
Tel: 01985 847757

Email Scholars:

Scholars website

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