GCSE Options 2022

Welcome to Options 2022.

We believe very strongly that one of the core purposes of secondary school is to equip all students with the highest standards of literacy and numeracy, which are developed throughout the curriculum. These key skills enable Kingdown students to successfully progress at the age of 16 to Sixth Form study, to a vocational course at another provider, or into an apprenticeship or job with training. Therefore, the Key Stage 4 curriculum at Kingdown School is designed to provide a rigorous academic core for all students, alongside a range of curriculum options which enable students to specialise in the subjects they enjoy the most.

All students access options through 'coloured routeways', which are based on their attainment at KS3. These routeways determine the number of GCSE or equivalent qualifications that students will obtain and, in some cases, the combination of subjects that they can choose. 

Subjects everybody studies at GCSE

Regardless of routeway, every student at GCSE will continue to study the three core subjects of English, Maths & Science. You may choose to augment your core lessons with options such as Statistics or Further Maths or Separate Sciences. Across Year 10 & 11, students also receive one lesson of PSHE, along with four lessons of PE. 

Next Steps

The options you have available to you depends upon your 'route', either Red or Purple. You should have been told via letter which route you are on. 

If you are on the Red route, please click here to see the Red route Subject Options available.

If you are on the Purple route, please click here to see the Purple route Subject Options available

Useful Resources

Options Form - in case you lose your own, please see below for a downloadable replacement.

Subject Information Directory - if you want to get a quick overview of a particular subject, you can do so through the Directory, available here.

Further Questions?

Should you have any questions, please contact Mrs Hill or Mr Hillier. 


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