Year 11 students have made a great start to 2020 and have been very busy preparing for exams.

We are now approaching ‘Mocks 2’, these start on Monday 2nd March so revision is more important than ever.

With this in mind our Year 11 students are expected to be attending revision sessions every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 3:00-4:00pm. At the bottom of this page, you will find a revision timetable so you can see what sessions students are able to attend and a summer exam timetable (dates and times subject to change). There is also an opportunity for students to join me in the Sixth Form building on Tuesday evenings 3:00-4:00pm to work, revise and prepare for any subject of their choice.

We have recently had assemblies with all of our Year 11 students and provided them with:

  • A stationery pack – including clear pencil case, pen, pencil, ruler etc.
  • Revision tips for English, Maths, Science, and ‘General Advice’
  • A pack of blank revision cards
  • A list of all available revision sessions – including dates, times and subjects
  • A draft exam timetable
  • A blank revision timetable – see attached

We have asked students to complete their revision timetable with:

  • Dates of their exams
  • Selected afterschool revision sessions
  • Days and times when they will be revising, along with which subject
  • ‘Down time’, days which have been selected when no work will take place

Below you will find a copy of the revision planner for you to look at and discuss with your son or daughter. Hopefully this document is self-explanatory but if you do have any questions or need any further information please contact Mr Hillier:

Downloads and Related Links:

  • Summer Exam Timetable – up to date as of Tuesday 25th February 2020 (.xlsx, 15kb)
  • Year 11 GCSE Revision Sessions (.xlsx, 30kb)
  • Year 11 Revision Planner (.docx, 64kb)
  • Year 11 Revision Planner – enter exams in to yellow cells to allow them in drop down (.xlsx, 17kb)
  • Excellent Revision Guide – taken from here (PDF, 5mb)