Dear parents, carers

I am writing to you to provide details of the face to face teaching of Year 10 students this term. As advised earlier in the week, we are working towards a starting date of 15th June for our provision. Our focus for the remainder of this term will be on ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff and students, and specifically on the re-engagement, nurture and support for the young people who will be in school.

School will look very different to both staff and students on return. We have decided to take a ‘one to one tuition’ approach to ensure each student receives the best possible support and feedback based on their individual circumstances. These sessions will take place in the Core subjects – English, Maths and Science – and, where staffing permits, in the Options subjects as well.

The 121 sessions will work on a fortnightly basis. Students will receive a schedule detailing which day in the fortnight their Core sessions will take place on, and at what times. Your child’s tutor will call home next week to discuss these bookings with you to confirm your child’s attendance, and to look to book Options subjects appointments around these.

Details for parents and students

  • Each subject 121 session will last for 30 minutes, and we will book all Core sessions back to back – so all students will be booked in for 1½ hours’ time in total on one day in the school fortnight.
  • Students should arrive in school approximately 10 minutes before their first appointment, and are free to sign out and leave the school site once their sessions have finished.
  • 121 slots will run from 9am – 10.30am, 11am – 12.30pm and 1pm – 2.30pm.
  • Options bookings can be made on either the same day as the Core 121s, or on the same day in the opposite week (for example, for a student who is allocated Core 121s on a Week 1 Wednesday, Options bookings may be made on a Week 1 Wednesday or a Week 2 Wednesday). This is to ensure that student-staff ‘bubbles’ are maintained (see safety considerations, below).
  • Students will continue to complete remote learning tasks for the times they are not in school. Please note that, for students who are not able to come into school e.g. for medical reasons, staff will endeavour to ensure students are supported to complete their remote learning tasks successfully.
  • Students should bring their own equipment (pen, pencil, ruler, calculator) and paper (or their exercise books) for their 121 subjects in school.

Safety Considerations

As noted above, school will look and feel very different to students on return. Our staff will do everything they can to make school feel welcoming, and to ensure the 121 tuition slots offer a valuable and positive learning experience for our students.

We have made numerous changes to the school site and our working protocols to ensure that, above all else, both students and staff are kept safe. Staff will have undergone extensive training ahead of our students’ return date, and I can assure you that we have attempted to pre-plan for every possible eventuality. We absolutely believe that the school will be a safe environment for students and staff to work within. Examples of the changes we have made include:

  • Students are to be dropped off in the front car park. Students will be met on first arrival outside the main entrance by a member of staff who will explain how the 121 sessions will operate, and ensure that the student is happy and comfortable to proceed.
  • One way systems have been introduced into all corridors.
  • Rooms have been set up to ensure social distancing takes place, with a minimum 2m distance between members of staff and students. Each room will accommodate a maximum of two students and two staff.
  • Students and staff will be required to sanitise their hands on entrance to any classroom or building.
  • Cleaners are on a permanent rota to keep the site clean. Toilets will be cleaned and resanitised hourly.
  • Student work spaces will be sanitised prior to student entry.
  • Students will see the same teachers (and other students) each fortnight, minimising their contact with people outside their own household. There will be no cross-over between staff and students on each day of the week; in effect, they will operate as separate schools or ‘bubbles’.
  • We will not have breaks and lunchtimes in school; if a student needs to remain onsite between appointments, they may use rooms M9 to M12 which have been set up with student laptop workstations.
  • Students should bring their own food and drinks if required; there will be no access to the dining hall or any catering facilities, including water fountains.
  • Students are to wear non-uniform clothes to school (which can then be washed once they return home).

I hope the information above provides you with the reassurances that you require to enable your son / daughter to come back into school for these 121 tuition sessions. If you have any remaining questions, your child’s tutor will be happy able to answer these when they call to speak with you next week.

With very best wishes


Dave Locke
Kingdown School

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