PE 1200_600


Term 1

Tuesday 1st September – Teacher Training Day

Wednesday 2nd September – Year 7 and all 6th form students start. 11.00am. Students should go to their usual tutor base classrooms at 11.00am on the first day.

Thursday 3rd September – Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 students start. 8.30am. Students should go to their usual tutor base classrooms at 8.30am on the first day.

Tuesday 20th October – Term 1 finishes

Wednesday 21st October – Teacher Training Day

Half term – Thursday 22nd October through to Sunday 1st November

Term 2

Monday 2nd November through to Friday 18th December

Half term – Saturday 19th December through to Sunday 3rd January

Term 3

Monday 4th January through to Friday 12th February

Half term – Saturday 13th February through to Sunday 21st February

Term 4

Monday 22nd February through to Thursday 24th March

Half term – Friday 25th March through to Sunday 10th April

Term 5

Monday 11th April through to Friday 27th May

Monday 2nd May – May Day Bank Holiday, schools is closed

Half term – Saturday 28th May through to Sunday 5th June

Term 6

Monday 6th June through to Tuesday 19th July


Term 1

Thursday 1st September – Teacher Development Day

Friday 2nd September – Teacher Development Day

Monday 5th September – Students Return

Wednesday 19th October – Teacher Development Day

Half term – Thursday 20th October through to Sunday 30th October

Term 2

Monday 31st October through to Friday 16th December

Half term – Saturday 17th December through to Monday 2nd January

Term 3

Tuesday 3rd January through to Friday 10th February

Half term – Saturday 11th February through to Sunday 19th February

Term 4

Monday 20th February through to Friday 7th April

Half term – Saturday 8th April through to Sunday 23rd April

Term 5

Monday 24th April through to Friday 26th May

Half term – Saturday 27th May through to Sunday 4th June

Term 6

Monday 5th June through to Friday 21st July

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