Welcome to the Teachers’ area for Primary Transfer to Kingdown School.  We hope that the documents below are of use.

Please note, however, that all documents are subject to change and might be updated over time.  All links to documents are in PDF format.


  • Open Day
  • Targetting Year 5 Pupils


  • Parents begin application process to County Hall


  • 31st October: Deadline for applications to County Hall


Links / Downloads:

  • March parents’ meetings: a letter will be sent to primary schools to request suitable dates
  • School Data Transfer form (for parents) (PDF 400kb) to be completed by parents and returned to Kingdown by 23rd May 2016


  • Notification of dates for parents’ meetings
  • Year 6 teachers’ meeting 4pm, 24th February 2016
  • Data Transfer Forms to Primary Schools

Links / Downloads:


  • Group and Levels Forms to schools
  • Parent Meetings at Kingdown.  Dates: 8th March (at 4pm); 10th and 17th March (at 7pm). Parents may choose to attend any of these dates.
  • Request to schools for initial information on Year 6 Pupils.
  • Notify schools of Induction Days dates

Links / Downloads:


  • Details of first offers released to Kingdown


  • Visit from Kingdown pastoral and SEN staff to collect information
  • Visit from Head of House approximately seven schools days prior to Induction Day visit
  • Pupil Transfer Forms to be forwarded to Primary School

Links / Downloads:

  • SEN transition form for pupils moving to a new school (Doc 168kb)
  • Pupil Transfer (PDF, 208kb)
  • Guide to English in Year 7 (PDF 218kb
  • English transition task, writing a letter (PDF 195kb): please return to Kingdown by 26th June 2015
  • Maths transition task 2015,  with Teacher Guidance (PDF, 276kb): please return to Kingdown by 15th July 2015
  • Maths transition task on tiles – guidance (PDF, 137kb)
  • Maths transition tiles task (ZIP, 987kb)
  • End of Year 6 target sheet (PDF, 288kb)
  • Deadline for data transfer forms (23rd May) (PDF 400kb)


  • 26th: return English transition task
  • 29th: Deadline for pupil transfer forms
  • 30th: New Year 7 Parents’ Evening

Links / Downloads:

Links / Downloads:


  • 4th, 5th, 6th: Induction Days.  All September 2016 Year 7 intake to attend (0830-1450 hours)
  • 29th: Deadline for pupil transfer forms
  • 12th: 6.30pm, New Year 7 Parents’ Evening