Please note the following study leave dates:

Year 11:

May 27th. Students will attend lessons around exams up until this time. Please note that the first (external) exam is 16th May. Some internally-organised exams will be earlier. Please refer to the main exam timetable for further detail.

Year 12:

No generalised study leave. Exceptions –

  • Study leave from a subject will commence once all exams for that subject have been completed. Other lessons should be attended as normal.
  • 1/2 day study leave for an exam (morning exam – students may take P5 from previous day. Afternoon exam – students may take morning lessons). Students will be asked to confirm their absence with subject teachers prior to taking this study leave.
  • Year 12 will recommence courses from Monday 13th June. Students are expected to continue with all of their AS courses at least until the summer holidays, except by prior arrangement with Mr Porter.

Year 13:

May 27th