Following extensive discussion, interviewing and planning, it gives us great pleasure to announce our student leadership structure at Kingdown School.With opportunities from tutor group responsibility to House representation right through to Head Student.

We are pleased that all students at Kingdown School have the opportunity to make their thoughts heard.

Congratulations to all students who have secured these positions.

Head Students for 2016/17

L to R: Jasmine Ayrton, Rob Clarke, Will Mallard, Annabel Ilic, Sam Miller, Alice Shrimpton

Jasmine Ayrton

Hi, my name is Jasmine and I am currently a head student. I am studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. In the future I would like to study Medicine at university with the aspiration of becoming a doctor in the army. In my spare time I enjoy paying netball and volunteering for the NHS foundation trust in Warminster Hospital. Whilst being a head student I have improved my public speaking skills along with the rest of the team have organised the successful Christmas dinner fundraiser. Throughout the rest of the year I hope to improve leadership opportunities for other year groups.

Annabel Ilic

Hello, my name is Annabel and I am one of the Head Students at school. I am currently studying Business, History and English Literature at A Level; in September I hope to study Business Management at university. I am not certain on my future career path but I hope to set up my own business or do something that enables me to travel the world. I enjoy socialising with my friends and staying active and that plays an important role in my life. As a Head Student, I have been able to arrange events, such as the Christmas Dinner, which was a huge accomplishment for myself and the team and through this role it has allowed us to do new things within school, but also in cooperation with other schools in the area; a step that hadn’t previously been taken.

Will Mallard

My name is Will and I’ve been studying at Kingdown since year 7. My dream is to be a commercial airline pilot, and hopefully fly for British Airways. Flying has always been an integral part of my life and has allowed me great experiences already, flying to the Isle of Wight alone being a highlight.

Being a head student was an area of school I never thought I would have got involved in however it has helped me to develop maturity and team working skills which will be easily transferred onto the flight deck. Taking an active role in student leadership gives me great satisfaction and has helped to view different scenarios with a varied point of view

Sam Miller

My name is Sam and I am currently in my final year at Kingdown studying A-Level Business, Geography and Applied Science. I hope to go to university this year and take on a geography and natural hazards degree. This will help me achieve my ambition of working for the United Nations to help overcome climate change or global inequalities. Being chosen as a Head Student means that I can promote student voice whereby younger students are able to express their opinions which may have been not been heard before.

Alice Shrimpton

Hi, my name is Alice and I’m in my final year at Kingdown currently studying English Literature, History and Geography. I hope to travel A LOT as soon as I get the chance to leave, and possibly become a teacher abroad. Becoming a Head Student has given me the confidence to pursue these goals, as the opportunities presented within the role have opened my eyes to being a leader in some social circumstances. I love nature and exploring it, as well as music and reading… two things I couldn’t live without!

The Student Leadership structure at Kingdown School.