Please see below for a the current teaching list. The table can be sorted by subject (including Heads of Houses and members of the Senior Leadership (SLT) team) and name.

Subject / Area Teacher Initials Email
SLT – Headteacher Mr Locke LO
SLT – Deputy Head Mr Dudley DD
SLT – Deputy Head Mr Holman HN
SLT – Deputy Head Mr Price PR
SLT – Deputy Head Miss Williams WI
SLT – Assistant Headteacher Mr Hillier HE
SLT – Assistant Headteacher Mrs Hill HI
SLT – Assistant Headteacher Mr Murray MR
Alternative Provision Mr Harris HA
Alternative Provision Miss Pelopida PE
Alternative Provision Mr Williams WM
Art Miss Francis FI
Art Mr Gordon GR
Art Mrs Vyner VY
Business Education Mrs Drage DR
Business Education Mr Humphrey HU
Business Education Mr Murphy MP
Business – Curriculum Leader Mr Murphy MP
Design Miss Annetts AN
Design Mrs Dyson DY
Design Miss Gavin GA
Design Mr Leater LT
Design Mr Marsh MS
Design Miss Pelopida PE
Design Mrs Webster WE
Design – Curriculum Leader Mr Marsh MS
Drama Mr Partington PA
Drama Miss Paper PP
Drama – Curriculum Leader Mr Partington PA
English Mrs Ashton AS
English Miss Elliott EL
English Mrs Flynn FL
English Mr Gunstone GU
English Mrs Hooper HP
English Mr Hawker HW
English Mrs Honeysett HY
English Mrs Marlow MW
English Mr Phelps PH
English Mrs Pope PO
English Mr Price PR
English Mr Player PY
English Mrs Rees RR
English Mr Scarfe SF
English Mrs Strange SG
English Mrs Wood WO
English – Curriculum Leader Mrs Ashton AS
Geography Miss Burrows BR
Geography Mr Harrison HS
Geography Miss Keeling KL
Geography Mr O’ Callaghan OC
Geography Miss Swaile SW
Geography – Curriculum Leader Miss Keeling KL
Head of Biology Ms Bala BA
Head of Science Mr Mayhew MY
Headteacher Mr Locke LO
Headteacher Mr Locke LO
Health & Social Care Mrs Bolwell BW
Health & Social Care Mrs Gordon GD
Health & Social Care Miss Pelopida PE
Health & Social Care Miss Stirling ST
History Mr Clarke CL
History Mrs Jewson JS
History Miss Male MA
History Mr Morgan MO
History Mr Player PY
History Miss Spicer SP
History – Curriculum Leader Mr Clarke CL
ICT Mr Adams AM
ICT Mr Grayson GY
ICT Mr Hillier HE
ICT Mr Holman HN
ICT Mrs Lewis LS
Intervention Mrs Locke LK
Intervention Mrs Wood WO
Lords – HoH Mr Gunstone GU
Mathematics Mrs Bale BE
Mathematics Mr Bloxham BL
Mathematics Mr Edwards ED
Mathematics Mrs Gibson GB
Mathematics Mr Golding GL
Mathematics Miss Lawton LN
Mathematics Mr Messenger MG
Mathematics Mrs Marsh MH
Mathematics Mr Munro MN
Mathematics Mr Murray MR
Mathematics Mrs Mcgavin MV
Mathematics Mr Pemberton PM
Mathematics Miss Ronxin RO
Mathematics Mr Robertson RT
Maths Mrs Golding GO
Maths Mrs Locke LK
Maths Mrs Twigger TW
Maths – Curriculum Leader Mr Munro MN
MFL Mrs Fulbrook FB
MFL Miss Ferris FE
MFL Mrs Quayle QU
MFL Mrs Rossetti RS
MFL Miss Sainsbury SA
MFL Ms Tilesi TL
MFL Mr Tuke TU
MFL Miss Williams WI
MFL – Curriculum Leader Mrs Rossetti RS
Millennium – HoH Mrs Twigger TW
Music Mr Cooper CP
Music Miss North NO
Pastoral Team Mr Morgan MO
PE Mr Adderley AY
PE Miss Brown BN
PE Ms Bishop BS
PE Miss Bennett BT
PE Miss Cridland CD
PE Miss Church CH
PE Mrs Dunford DU
PE Mr Haydon HD
PE Mr Hillier HE
PE Mr Hatcher HT
PE Mr Hatcher HT
PE Mr Richardson RC
PE Mr Widger WG
PE – Curriculum Leader Mr Haydon HD
Performing Arts Mrs Murray MU
Psychology Miss Pointer PN
RS Miss Bunting BU
RS Mrs Green GN
RS Mr Richardson RI
Science Ms Bala BA
Science Mr Bindon BI
Science Mrs Bloxham BX
Science Miss Byham BY
Science Mrs Cox CX
Science Mrs Farr FA
Science Dr Fernihough FH
Science Mrs Frere FR
Science Mrs Hill HI
Science Dr Henley HL
Science Mr Henry HR
Science Dr King KI
Science Mr Kemp KM
Science Miss Millest MT
Science Mr Mayhew MY
Science Mr Wood WD
Science Miss Wilkins WN
SGO Mr Widger WG
Silverstone – HoH Miss Cridland CD
Specialised Learning Mr Harris HA
Specialised Learning Mrs Keenan KE
Specialised Learning Mr Williams WM
Twickenham – HoH Mr Hatcher HT
Wembley HoH Ms Bishop BS
Wimbledon – HoH Mr Richardson RI