At Kingdown School our mission is to provide every student with the highest quality education, preparing them for their future in their world, so they can believe, aspire and achieve. We also seek to culture the values of respect, excellence, determination, inspiration, courage, friendship and equality.

It is our vision to be recognised by our community as their outstanding secondary school. We have a relentless pursuit for excellence, a passion to exceed our expectations at every opportunity. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and strive to build and maintain effective relationships with the communities and institutions with which we collaborate.

It is important that our employees feel proud to work here. We believe that attracting, developing and retaining qualified talent is vital to our continued success. Kingdown has an on – going commitment to diversity, equal opportunity and non-discrimination. Our school is enriched through the representation of diverse experiences, backgrounds, ethnicity, lifestyles, cultural orientation and beliefs. Individual strengths, combined with teamwork and training are a recognized source of our mutual success.

We seek to identify opportunities and execute projects that reduce, reuse and recycle waste. These efforts have been driven by Kingdown’s desire to lessen the impact of its operations on the environment, as well as initiatives led by students, the community and government regulations.