Healthy Minds and Wellbeing at Kingdown School

We are aware that mental and emotional wellbeing are becoming increasing priorities in the care and progression of young people. The information below has been gathered via the training and professional development of key members of pastoral staff at Kingdown, with the intention of outlining services we can offer as a school, as well as basic measures parents can take at home, to nurture their child’s mental and emotional needs.

How can I encourage my child to keep a healthy mind?

There are many things you can do to encourage your son or daughter to keep a healthy mind, including:


  • Encourage a healthy and balanced diet which will help your child feel energetic and awake during the day.
  • Ensure they have an appropriate amount of sleep (the NHS recommends 9 hours per night).
  • Monitor your child’s social media use and content they are exposed to online.
  • Reinforce positive attitudes and use affirming language.
  • Restrict the usage of the internet and technology, particularly at bedtime.
  • Support your child in undertaking regular exercise and physical activity.

What might be the signs of an unhealthy mind?

Signs that your child may be struggling with their emotional and mental wellbeing might include:


  • If your child appears frequently worried or anxious.
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain.
  • School refusal.
  • If your child begins to appear withdrawn.
  • If your child begins to appear unusually tired or drained.

(Please note that these signs do not exclusively suggest mental health issues. If in doubt, please see below)

Who should I talk to if I am worried about my child’s mental health?

It is important to seek help if you are having concerns about your child’s emotional or mental wellbeing. Appropriate avenues include:

  • Open and honest conversations between parent and child as a starting point.
  • Visiting your child’s GP.
  • Discussion with your child’s tutor and Head of House.
  • Contacting the School Nurse to discuss counselling sessions.
  • External agencies and organisations (please see other sections on the ‘Healthy Minds and Wellbeing’ section of the Kingdown website).

We also run a parenting course for anyone who feels they require support with parenting teenagers. If you would like more information about this course, please contact Mrs Gordon at