Towards the end of Year 8, students are offered a number of options for their Year 9 curriculum. This process has two key aims:

  • To enable students to begin to specialise in areas of the curriculum they particularly enjoy, or are particularly successful in.
  • To provide a ‘practice run’ at the GCSE options process, which takes place in Year 9.

Students are able to make choices in the Creative Arts, Design, the Humanities, and an Enrichment Option such as a second foreign language.

We believe the Year 8 options process is a key point in a student’s secondary education. The process allows students to begin to take ownership of their learning. We are also aware that not every student will get things right first time around; therefore students who feel they have made a mistake, or who change their mind as they move through Year 9 will be supported to transfer their options to more appropriate choices. We are all allowed to make mistakes!

In mid-Year 9, students begin the curriculum choices process for GCSE. This allows students to select up to four subjects to study to GCSE level, from a choice of around 20 subjects.

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