Students at Key Stage 4 may follow a different curriculum but otherwise life at Key Stage 4 is very similar to that at Key Stage 3.


We expect excellent attendance. There is a direct correlation between attendance and attainment. Students with poor attendance generally do not succeed as well as those who do.


Excellent behaviour is expected at all times. Where a student’s behaviour falls short of the high standards we expect, sanctions will be applied according to the Kingdown behaviour policy.


By the time students arrive in Year 10, they will be fully aware of how important homework is. We expect every student to complete homework to the best of their ability.  The quantity and style of homework will vary from subject to subject.

Students therefore need to use their organisers to record all tasks and will have to manage their time effectively. If studying at home is an issue or students require ICT facilities then the library is available after school on Monday – Thursday from 3.00pm until 4.00pm. Most subject areas offer after school support for homework during break times or after school.

Tutor time and assemblies

The house tutor remains the main point of contact throughout the year and meets with the group each day for 20 minutes. There is also a House Assembly once a week.

Year 9 Individual Advice and Guidance

During the spring and summer terms of Year 9 there is a huge amount of information accessible to students which will support them to make the right choices for them.  In addition to options evening, there are assemblies and discussions with teachers and tutors. Once students reach Years 10 and 11 the support from tutors and teachers will of course remain.  We also have an onsite careers service provided by Miss Gale (School Careers Advisor); through which students can have one-to-one guidance interviews to discuss and develop their future career ideas and plans.

Careers Information

Students are able to access up-to-date careers information through a range of sources. The careers section of the school website and VLE are excellent sites for current careers information and opportunities, help and support with key employability skills (CV writing, job hunting, interview technique, cover letters), information on the full range of options available at 16 and 18 and links to key websites. Computer aided packages to help students develop career ideas (such as KUDOS and JED) can also be accessed via the school network.

Students regularly receive the latest information about careers opportunities through a monthly bulletin, school VLE and website, tutor updates, the careers noticeboard and individual emails. The school careers library also contains information on a wide range of careers and includes books, magazines and guides offering support with a variety of career, education and employability topics.

Special Events

The school arranges a programme of careers talks from local and national employers (including the Army, the Police and NHS), as well as ex-students who explain their own career paths. There are also opportunities throughout the year for students to visit to local colleges, universities, employers and voluntary organisations.

Who to contact

If you have any questions about Key Stage 4, please contact:

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