Last weekend, 21 Kingdown School students who attend Centre Stage Perform, participated in a world record attempt tapathon, raising over £500 for Children in Need.

The students were joined by others at their dance school and completed the tap routine simultaneously with thousands of others across the country.

The students were: Mia Daly, Molly Savva, Olivia Park, Debbie-Jane Hughes,Imogen Ayrton, Lucy Dalley, Rose Whelan, Gracie Munro, Megan Munro, Amber Withey, Molly Nash, Harriet Henley, Daisy Horgan, Jasmine McFerran, Ruby Shepherd, Jemima Colin, Matilda Colin, Grace Horgan, Eleanor Thornton, Emma Berridge, and Selena Salmons-Gower.

We’re now waiting to find out if we’re world record holders.

Written by Rose Whelan, Year 9