Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our school uniform suppliers have brought to our attention that there has been a stock shortfall of the new Kingdown skirt. They have been unable to meet the required demand for the new skirt, meaning that some students may not currently have the correct uniform for starting the new school year tomorrow. We apologise for the stock shortfall, but have been informed that it was due to a factory production issue which is still being resolved. We are therefore currently unsure of when the skirts will become re-available in all sizes.

If you have been unable to purchase the new skirt yet then please send your daughter in her grey skirt from last year, with an accompanying note explaining that you have been unable to purchase one of the new skirts. In this event, could I please take this opportunity to remind all parents that we do not allow short or tight-fitting skirts as a part of our uniform code. I would also like to remind you that girls are also entitled to wear a pair of plain grey trousers, in a ‘relaxed fit’ style. Further details are available on the school website.

We will review the situation once the new skirts are back in stock, and will be in contact again then to advise on our uniform requirements. Should you require any further details then please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Kind regards

Mr S Dudley