Last week we were given the unique opportunity to take 100 students to Longleat, to visit their new family of Koalas ahead of the public opening. We ran the trip as a reward event for students who have achieved most positive points so far this year.

The trip was incredible. Students had the whole of the enclosure to themselves, which hasn’t yet been unveiled to other visitors. They got up close to the furry creatures, and had special talks from the koala-keepers. Students enjoyed hearing about how the koalas sleep for up to 20 hours a day, and manage to wedge themselves into trees without falling out.

We were also excited to see that the BBC were at Longleat, filming for the day. We even saw some real-life ‘Millennium Meerkats’! After many of our students were interviewed by the camera crew, we look forward to seeing Kingdown featured in a forthcoming series of Animal Park. The day finished with a trip to see giant otters, crocodiles, monkeys and lorikeets and of course, a quick stop at the gift shop.

Many thanks to Longleat for inviting us for the unique day out, and congratulations to the top 100 students!