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News you should be aware of

The impact of The Duke of Edinburgh

What a fantastic recognition for all the hours of volunteering undertook by our Duke of Edinburgh students this year.

You should all be very proud of the impact in the local community…


Mr Case vs Miss Peddle

Mr Case and Miss Peddle took part in the recent sports day…who won?

Miss Peddle Mr Case
Run 15 14
Plank hold 1min 45s 1min 45s
Target throw 4 2
Standing long jump 190cm 218cm
Wall toss 25 28
Speed bounce 79 74

Virtual sports day results are in!

Last week saw the start of our Virtual Sports week with pupils and staff taking part in a range of different activities ranging from shuttle runs to plank holds, to gain points for their house. Over the week a total of 108 Key Stage 3 pupils and 29 staff took part with some amazing results recorded by all!

Total participants:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Staff Total
Lords 8 4 2 3 17
Millennium 12 5 3 6 26
Silverstone 6 5 7 5 23
Twickenham 9 6 6 9 30
Wembley 9 8 3 6 26
Wimbledon 4 7 4 9 24

And for the results…

Overall points Position
Wembley 581 1st
Millennium 525 2nd
Twickenham 497 3rd
Silverstone 474 4th
Lords 464 5th
Wimbledon 426 6th


Wimbledon students

Please check your emails from an end-of-year virtual assembly from Mr Richardson

The Acorn Appeal

Acorn Education Trust is committed to the wellbeing and support of all of our pupils and their families. The changes brought about by COVID-19, have had a huge impact on our local communities, who are now facing unprecedented challenges in their day to day lives.

As a Trust, we know our families very well and we would like to support those who are in need of help, in the days and weeks ahead. Our intention is to provide support in purchasing school uniforms and supplies to pupils returning to school in Autumn (pending Government guidance), whose circumstances have changed dramatically, due to COVID-19.

We are asking you to help us on a local level – during this time of national uncertainty – to raise money to support these families, through donations and/or by fundraising. Your fundraising can take any shape or form – eg: you could do a sponsored run or give up chocolate for a week – but no matter what you do, you will be making a huge difference to a young person in your community:

£3 could buy a fully stocked pencil case
£11 could buy a primary sweat shirt
£35 could buy a school blazer

As a Trust, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity and dedication to support our varied communities. At the moment, we don’t know exactly what the new ‘normal’ will be for our schools, in coming months. What we do know, is that right now, we have an opportunity to support those who are in need of help, by helping provide school uniforms and supplies to those most in need. It’s these little things that we know will ensure that all of our pupils return to school, feeling valued, cared for and that they belong.

In a world where so much is changing, we will continue to assist our local communities, and prepare our students for whatever tomorrow holds.

We thank you for your support.

You can support the Acorn Appeal Fund here:

Warminster Action Group

The Warminster Action Group has written to Kingdown in case of any our students are interested in supporting this great, local cause, especially as we head into the summer break.

Warminster Action Group (WAG) is a community support group, set up at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic.The group has grown tremendously over the past 2 months, adapting to social needs to become a vital lifeline and support structure. We are continuously seeking opportunities to evolve and support more of the Warminster Community. Some of our activities for our vulnerable clients have included:

  • Shopping
  • Prescription pick-up and delivery
  • Dog walking
  • Gardening

We feel that having the support of further volunteers, specifically younger individuals, will be a positive development for us. We recognise that the past few months have been challenging for all, and some young people have struggled with finding purpose in their daily lives.

WAG would like to hear from those students that wish to support our activities and develop further skills and behaviours that will enhance their CV or Personal Statement for university applications. These would include:

  • Purpose in a time of uncertainty
  • Communication skills
  • Empathy and self-awareness
  • Client trust, especially around safety and social distancing
  • Planning and time-keeping

All suitable volunteers will need to agree to WAG’s policies and procedures that are designed to protect themselves and our vulnerable clients. They will also be allocated an experienced buddy who will be available to support and advise them during their initial, and on-going activities.

If any of our students are interested in supporting this local course and working with WAG, please contact Mr Richardson at

A showcase of Music work

Music and Art:

Rose listened to instrumental music which reminded her of mountains


Elliot and Joseph created their own music using Groovepad.


Matt created a piece of music in GarageBand.

Painting work

Pearl painted this whilst listening to The Planets Suite by Gustav Holst

Research a famous composer:

Byron researched Mozart and found out about his life and his music.


Isaac designed his own coding to create an app where you can keep a list of songs you have listened to!


Sustainable Kingdown

Students from Kingdown have spent time this week planting tree saplings to help develop a greener, cleaner and more sustainable school. Assisted by Miss Robertson and Mr Frostick, students from the Aspire centre planted various saplings including oak, beech, lime and chestnut.

The saplings were kindly donated by Sustainable Warminster: “We’ve been planting acorns, nuts and self-seeded saplings for tree planting projects this autumn,” said Harriet James of Sustainable Warminster.

“It is good to hear that Kingdown pupils are planting trees, too. A mature oak tree can support around 300 different species of insects and birds, so planting a tree is one of the best things you can for wildlife and biodiversity.

Warminster Park is full of interesting trees and the Town Council have published a Tree Trail round the lake: (external link)

The planted saplings each represent one of Kingdown’s six houses and can be identified by the House colours that mark each tree site.

Kingdown Careers Newsletter

The Kingdown School Careers Newsletter for Friday 10th July is available to download now (PDF, 826kb)

Lockdown Emotions

Recent changes to lockdown rules may have brought up new worries and emotions for us, in the same way as when we first faced going into lockdown.   However, since that journey began, we have adapted and developed ways of coping, supporting each other along the way.    It is worth reflecting on just how well we have adapted to so many new and challenging things already and how we have managed or overcome our worries in that process.   Reflecting on the positive strengths we’ve developed so far will encourage us to continue to be adaptable and confident, reminding us of our own resilience.  More ideas for supporting and managing our feelings around these changes can be accessed at (external link)

Additionally, mindfulness practice helps us to focus our attention on what is happening for us now, in the present moment and not to dwell on worries from the past or what might be in the future.  Regular breathing exercises, where we can develop skills to be more mindful will help us respond with a sense of calm and patience.  The Mindfulness in Schools Project offers a daily practice where you can log in to take part.  This can be accessed at (external link)

Taking good care of ourselves helps us to deal with challenges and changes in our lives.  Don’t forget how important the suggestions below are in helping to facilitate this:

  • Staying connected with friends, family and nature
  • Asking for help and support when needed
  • A good sleep routine with no screens 1-2 hours before bed
  • Healthy eating and plenty of water
  • Relaxation time and time spent on a hobby or interest
  • Helping others
  • Being kind to yourself, accepting praise for what you are doing well and not overly judging yourself

More information and ideas to promote positive well-being can be found on the school website’s Well-being section.

Mrs Gordon

Videos of your learning

Oliver’s marble run

Pictures of your learning