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News you should be aware of

Home Learning Update

We hope your week at ‘home school’ has gone well. We are delighted with the number of students who are engaging with their work at home and enjoying doing well with their learning and their independence – we are monitoring and rewarding at school and you are doing an amazing job of supporting your children at home.

We’ve been continually discussing as teachers how we can set the best possible tasks to help your child learn at home; we’ve also been thinking about September and how we can make sure they are safe, settle back in well and learn at their best! More on this to follow as the national picture changes weekly.

We have also been teaching Year 10 in one to one slots; while missing the rest of our students and setting home learning. Feedback from the Year 10 lessons been so positive from parents and students – thank you for your support. Year 10 have been so great and settled back in quickly. We have loved teaching again, it’s what we enjoy doing!

We have been offering Year 12 students online ‘live lessons’ and have been delighted with this able year group’s hard work and engagement. Approximately 15 of our Year 12 students have said they would like to apply for Oxbridge this year which is astonishing!

One question we are asked occasionally by parents is why we don’t offer ‘live lessons’ for all our year groups at the moment. As our eldest and most mature students, Year 12 have been pioneers for us and we haven’t ruled out more live teaching. There are some barriers – you may have heard that some meetings and lessons in other institutions (not ours thankfully, and we have been really careful to make sure our lessons are safe) have been ‘hate bombed’ by outside groups who have shared inappropriate content. ‘Live teaching’ doesn’t always engage classes as it is very different to being in a classroom – you can’t see faces and microphones are usually turned off (following recommended guidelines).

It isn’t the only way for students to learn remotely. You may have noticed our teachers are using pre-recorded sections of lessons to explain to our students which works really well, as well as appearing on Powerpoints in person to go through important content and deliver assemblies.

I hope that reassures you and thanks again for your brilliant support – we know it isn’t easy.

Mrs Carpenter

The Acorn Appeal

Acorn Education Trust is committed to the wellbeing and support of all of our pupils and their families. The changes brought about by COVID-19, have had a huge impact on our local communities, who are now facing unprecedented challenges in their day to day lives.

As a Trust, we know our families very well and we would like to support those who are in need of help, in the days and weeks ahead. Our intention is to provide support in purchasing school uniforms and supplies to pupils returning to school in Autumn (pending Government guidance), whose circumstances have changed dramatically, due to COVID-19.

We are asking you to help us on a local level – during this time of national uncertainty – to raise money to support these families, through donations and/or by fundraising. Your fundraising can take any shape or form – eg: you could do a sponsored run or give up chocolate for a week – but no matter what you do, you will be making a huge difference to a young person in your community:

£3 could buy a fully stocked pencil case
£11 could buy a primary sweat shirt
£35 could buy a school blazer

As a Trust, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity and dedication to support our varied communities. At the moment, we don’t know exactly what the new ‘normal’ will be for our schools, in coming months. What we do know, is that right now, we have an opportunity to support those who are in need of help, by helping provide school uniforms and supplies to those most in need. It’s these little things that we know will ensure that all of our pupils return to school, feeling valued, cared for and that they belong.

In a world where so much is changing, we will continue to assist our local communities, and prepare our students for whatever tomorrow holds.

We thank you for your support.

You can support the Acorn Appeal Fund here:


Useful guide to Office 365 and OneDrive

Mr Grayson has put together a useful video for students on how to use Office 365 and OneDrive

Wellbeing News

There’s some brilliant ideas for tangible strategies to help self-soothe here (all ages): 

The Careers Update for Friday 26th June is available to read now (PDF, 347kb)

Various Music Pieces

Congratulations to Meredith for her GarageBand work and recreating The Final Countdown:

Congratulations to James for his work on the Groove Pad app (you can download the Groove Pad app and create your own piece using the loops available):

And to Brooke who made a very professional presentation of information about multiple composers/artists and the pieces they have written:

Well done Perla

Perla (Year 7) slept outside in her shed and raised £280 for the Homeless Charity, Arc. Well done indeed and all at Kingdown School are very proud of your commitment.


Pictures of your learning