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News you should be aware of

  • A letter from Mr Dudley to Key Work parents / carers about school provision (internal link)

Home Learning Update

Welcome back at the end of a week of home learning. I hope your children felt refreshed and motivated after half term and ready to tackle the great lessons our teachers are setting for them. I also hope that Mrs Hill’s helpful timetable for our younger learners is supporting you to structure  your day with them. We’ve already refined it based on your feedback – some parents have asked if work could be ready on Go 4 Schools the night before, so they can talk it through with their children. We have asked teachers to do this to support you,  thank you for getting your children organised to learn.

Mrs Hill’s letter and the timetable can be found here: (internal link)

We are looking forward to inviting students in Year 10 and Year 12 students back into school, as per the government guidelines  – we’ve missed them!  We are doing everything we can to make the school safe and also to make their learning as effective as it can be.  We are also continuing to monitor all students who aren’t getting their work done at home so we can support them.

Read the latest government guidelines from the Department for Education for parents and carers here: (external link)

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you how fantastic reading regularly is for a young person’s education – regular readers do better across all grades in all subjects than children who don’t read. Twenty minutes a day would really boost your child’s vocabulary and support their learning. Mrs Ashton. Head of English for the Acorn Trust, has made a fabulous lockdown library and resources here, most of which are free: (internal link)

Finally, thanks to all the students who put a competition entry in last term – we had such a wide range of competitions running and it was fantastic to see so many entries! There is still time to enter the Kingdown Senior Team Competition (we’ve had 30 entries so far and the deadline is next Wednesday):

I hope home learning goes well for you and your children this term and please do contact your child’s tutor as your first point of call if they are struggling at any point or if you have any queries.

Mrs Carpenter

Notice for all Wembley Students

Do check your school email here ( and log in using your school log on ( and your school password. There is a link to a special Wembley assembly from your Head of House, Mr Bindon.

Open to ALL year 10 students: Virtual Work Experience: Monday 8th – Friday 12th June

Please click here to look at the flyer for the event (.docx, 525kb)

Recommended for ALL business students and any others interested in finding out more about how to market themselves in the workplace and what jobs are available to them- great for your skills development and to add to your CV #LearningInLockdown

This Work Experience is business focussed with insights from Health & Social Care, Construction and many other Careers, have a look at the timetable of activities and drop in even for just a day!

Let me know if you are interested by e-mailing me:

Miss Gale, Careers Advisor

How do you decide which universities to aply for?

Miss Spicer has put together this excellent video guide to help you understand the process..

Update on the photography competition by Mr Grayson

A nice range of lockdown photography from Year 9 IT classes and Year 10 Creative iMedia.  Any students who want to improve or show off their photography skills; there is still time for the whole school photography competition for students to enter pictures by June 5th by sending their best shot to

Science Creative Writing Competition Winner

With the Science Creative Writing competition coming to an end in the last week of term 5 it is now time for us to announce the winner.  Teachers from the Science department read through each of the essays, judging them on the scientific content, originality, and enjoyment.

As we read each story we were taken on journeys to Mars, invented planets and through the digestive system.  Some of the stories took us back in time where we ran for our lives from dinosaurs.  Chimpanzees, penguins, dogs and rats all showed us what it was like to spend a day with them and we even found out what tomato plants spend all their time thinking about as well as riding the wind as a dandelion seed.

We had 50 fabulous entries making choosing a winner an extremely difficult task.

However, we narrowed down the entries to give us the following two runners up.

Grace G LoSP for a very imaginative, funny, creative piece of science writing about sending a Tesla into space. Click here to read.

Toby C WiLW for an emotional trip across the solar system to find a boy’s lost father. Click here to read.

And announcing the winner…..

Rosemary C SiBK for a wonderfully descriptive story from the perspective of a Barbary Macaque, that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Click here to read.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you very much for all your entries, we enjoyed reading them a lot.  Why not try entering the Shell Bright Ideas challenge this term

Thank you to Ms Bala, Mrs Bloxham, Mr Bindon, Mr Bowman, Mr Clark and Ms Keloglou for helping me read the entries.

Mr Jordan-Mayhew

History Competition

The Pringle Pinhole competition by Mr Gordon

Win your height in Pringle season. Either using a camera set to manually and add the last 6cm of the Pringle pot with a small compass hole in the middle of the bottom end.

Or use a piece of card over your camera phone with a pin hole in it and do the same to get an old fashioned pinhole camera effect.

No photoshop just adjust the levels of light and colour and let’s see who can be the most creative.

Then take images of nature and flowers.

Rob Biddulph world record attempt at largest online art lesson

A number of students in Key Stage 3 at Kingdown took part in artist Rob Biddulph’s attempt at breaking the world record for the most participants in an online art lesson.

The record was broken with 45,611 devices logging on and watching Rob’s live YouTube video.

The students that took part loved it!

The Art Department

Mission Objectives

With levels to suit every age group, Junior, Codebreaker, or Cypher Expert, the challenge is suitable for students of all ages and abilities, and we’re asking them and their families to work together and help the war effort.

An interesting looking project from Bletchley Park

The link can be found here (external link)

Pictures of your Learning