Albeit in a slightly different format but hopefully equally of use. If you have any articles / news items you’d like to share, then please email We’d love to see pictures of the work being produced and being kept in the loop about the activities you’ve been up to or submit via twitter (@kingdownschool)

An extremely short Kingdown News #10 this week, with a reminder of our home learning update, some news from Mr Hatcher (Head of Twickenham House) and some images of some fantastic Design and Art work…

Home Learning Update

As Term 5 comes to an end, I wanted to share with you an update on our work setting and also say a big thank you for all your support at home for learning. Adapting to such a different way to learn has been a challenge for many students and we’ve tried to make sure that wellbeing comes first in such difficult times. The huge number of reward points awarded on G4S suggests that lots of fantastic learning is still going on – thanks for making this happen at home!

Work setting in Term 6

Secondly, we have thought carefully about how to keep our younger learners motivated and their day structured. Please see Mrs Hill’s letter if you are a parent of a Year 7 and/or 8 student. We’ve written a daily timetable for Years 7 and 8 to help make sure they feel they can achieve what has been set. Work will be set on G4S as usual for this. This follows government guidance that three hours a day is a good amount of work to do. However, we are always happy to provide extension work – just email either the class teacher or your child’s tutor if your child needs more work.

Year 7 and 8 Timetable

In Year 9, we’ve had a good look at the amount for work we are setting to try and ensure it is achievable, however if your child is struggling with the workload, please feel free to follow the shortened timetable. If you need any further support or guidance you can contact your child’s tutor.

Year 11

In Year 11, I know Mr Humphrey has been in touch to remind students that they can either work on 6th form preparation work, which is set by the 6th form team and teachers or take up one of our many careers opportunities. Following Mrs Gale and the 6th form Twitter accounts offers Year 11 and 12 students some great resources.

Completed work – a frequently asked question

Some parents have asked what to do with completed work. Teachers will say on the task how to show them it has been done – this could be a photo of the work being sent. We can’t give feedback on every piece of work students do. Some of the work will be used for revision notes and will be assessed later in a test or similar. I’d keep all work in a folder for the subject (or pile!) and be ready to share it when the student comes in. I always say though – our teachers love seeing work you and your child are proud of – send it in via a photo for reward points and to go in Kingdown Week.

Twickenham Lockdown Tiger Trial

Here’s a few more examples below from the Twickenham Lockdown Tiger Trial… please keep sending entries to Mr Hatcher (

Be artistic/inventive and create anything Tiger themed! I look forward to receiving your entries.

Emily TwMH/KS

Jess TwEL

Iona TwMT

Pictures of your Learning