Dear parents, carers

Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown, we have been supporting the students of Key Workers by providing an educational provision onsite at Kingdown. This provision will continue across this term, supporting these children and families.

If you are a Key Worker and you and your partner’s work is critical to the COVID-19 response, or you work in one of the critical sectors listed below, and you cannot keep your child safely at home then your child(ren) will be prioritised for a space within this education provision:

  • Health and social care
  • Education of childcare
  • Key public services
  • Local or National Government
  • Food and other necessary goods
  • Public safety and national security
  • Transport
  • Utilities, communication and financial services

If your work falls within the critical categories above please confirm with your employer that, based on their business continuity arrangements, your specific role is necessary for the continuation of this essential public service.  A letter to this effect will be compulsory in order to admit your child into school and we will require 4 days’ notice (that is the Wednesday prior to the Monday that you wish your child to attend). This is to ensure we have adequate staff and student ratio to keep students safe whilst in our care.  (Please note that for emergency services, education and government workers photographic ID will be accepted and you will not need to provide a letter from your employer).

Please note that our ‘Key Worker’ school has a finite capacity to ensure student and staff safety; if demand becomes too large we may need to operate a rota system.

Whilst accessing this provision we will be offering supervision only. Students will continue to complete their online learning via Go 4 Schools. There will however be some structured physical education and creative activities during the day.

The Key Worker school will be based in the 6th Form block, entry is at 8:25am this will be via the Humanities block gate. Students will leave via the same gate at 2:50pm. Students will have to provide their own lunch as we have no catering facilities open and are required to wear PE kit, this will be washed each night to reduce the risk of infection.

Should you need further information please contact me via email at

Kind regards


Mr S Dudley
Deputy Head