Dear parent/carer,

Here is some important information regarding the existing FSM voucher system and the Summer Food Fund voucher to be issued w/b Monday 13th July, 2020.

Edenred FSM Vouchers not redeemed

These are the £15 per child, per week voucher codes issued by Edenred since the Easter holiday

Please check your emails for codes that haven’t been redeemed yet.

Consider the expiry date on the code (in most cases it’s the end of August) You will not be able to redeem these codes after this date and the provision will be lost

It is better to redeem all codes and then save the vouchers because the actual supermarket voucher/e gift card has a longer expiry date (in some cases 5 years)

The school will only be able to resend codes for previous weeks until 17th July

These weekly voucher codes will end on the last week of term so the last code will be sent w/b Monday 13th July, 2020.

Edenred Summer Food Fund

This replaces the voucher codes above (£90 per child to cover the summer holiday- 6 weeks)

  • You will be sent a voucher code for the value of £90 per child to cover the summer break (6 weeks X £15) If you have two eligible children £180 etc…
  • This will be issued in the same way by Edenred on w/b 13/07/2020
  • It is important that you redeem this asap as the school can only deal with issues until Wednesday 22nd July.
  • Once redeemed as a supermarket e gift card it does not have to be used in one transaction.

Please be aware that the schools ability to help with this will end on Wednesday 22nd July but please contact me via email if you have any issues

Also be aware that Edenred are wrapping the whole system up on 10th August.

Below is a link to where you can find guidance

Kind regards

Russell Clarke
Kingdown School