Dear parents, carers

Many thanks to parents and carers who alerted Kingdown School about an alert being sent to their phone with the name of a different school at the top.

Please see their explanation below or on the attached PDF.

Go4Schools – Homework Notifications

I am writing to apologise for the incorrect homework notifications that were sent out to you yesterday by ourselves. This error only affected only a few of our schools that use our homework

You may have seen a homework email that contained an incorrect school name in the subject line or a notification in the GO 4 Schools Mobile App containing an incorrect school name. Apart from the incorrect school name, the content of the homework emails and notifications were correct, and they were sent to the correct recipients.

There was no GDPR breach as no personal data was included in the erroneous information and no personal details were shared with any other user. The error was caused by incorrectly retaining a
school name when looping through the multiple schools that receive homework summary emails and notifications. The retained name was used in other school’s communication where their name
should have been. This problem was introduced during work to make various performance and content changes to the messages we send out. We have since rolled-back these changes and will use
the previous process until further notice.

Erroneous messages started being sent at 16:00 on the 2nd October and were stopped at 17:40 when we were notified by a school. This was then followed by a check of the schools impacted and any additional email notifications that may be sent via GO 4 Schools i.e. behaviour, detentions. No additional issues were found.

The directors are currently reviewing how this happened and are working with our developers to thoroughly investigate and update their procedures to ensure that it does not happen again.
Please once again accept my sincerest apologies for this error.

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