Please be patient if Go 4 Schools is slow to respond or not working this morning. It has an unprecedented amount of traffic today despite the company adding to its capacity in preparation.

It is not too late to get your child logged on when the system is running:

Go 4 Schools – Step by Step for Students

Log onto the website not the app first – link on the school website.

  1. Put your school full email address ( in then click first time user.
  2. Open your school emails and copy the link they send you into a new tab.
  3. Reset your password as instructed and write it down.
  4. Click agree.
  5. Now log in to G4S.
  6. Then download the App and use same log in details
  7. Click on view all homework task and click on each to see details.

Please note that students need to click on ‘view all homework tasks set’ in the homework section if it appears they do not have work, as longer end dates mean it is not due within a few days.

Just to reiterate, there is no need to print work from G4S – students can make notes of answers on paper or in exercise books. You do not need to have a printer at home.

In Years 7-9, if waiting for work, a student can always read daily, both books and online. In Years 10-13, revision is key, of the topics covered in the course so far – they have plenty of materials. BBC Bitesize has some fantastic resources for all subjects.

Thanks in advance for your patience and support.