New Year 7 - day one

Applying for a secondary school place at Kingdown School

All applications for places at Kingdown School must go through the Schools Admissions Team at Wiltshire County Council. The deadline for applications for Year 7 places for September 2019 is 31st October 2018. The Schools Admissions Team processes the applications and sends letters to parents offering places during the following March. If any parent misses the October deadline, they must still submit a “late” application to the Schools Admissions Team.

The quickest way to complete an application is to download the application form from the Wiltshire County Council’s website.

Contact details for the Admissions Team:

Schools Admissions Team
Wiltshire Council
County Hall
BA14 8JN


Telephone: 01225 713010

Primary School Visits

Liaison between Kingdown School and each primary school in the area is a very important process and every effort is made by all concerned to make the transfer a smooth and positive one.

There are at least three occasions when Kingdown School staff have contact with each primary school before the new school year in September:

  • Senior staff from Kingdown School host Parents’ meetings during March.  General introductions to Kingdown School and explanations of the transfer process are given to parents via Primary Schools.
  • Senior staff or Heads of House will visit all feeder Primary Schools to talk to Year 6 teachers about their students.  Information concerning Gifted and Talented students and those with special needs requiring additional support in the classroom is exchanged.
  • A Head of House will visit each (catchment area) Primary School in May to talk to Year 6 students about their transfer to Kingdown.

Curriculum Support at Kingdown School will arrange additional visits to discuss special needs students if required.

Visiting Kingdown – Induction Days

These visits are a very important part of our transfer programme.  We have made a change to our induction days in recent years and all Year 6 students are invited to attend 3 full days at Kingdown School.

  • The Year 6 induction days will be held on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, July 2019
  • Each day will run from 8.25 to 2.50pm
  • Day 1 will consist of house activities and team building
  • During days 2 and 3 normal timetabled lessons will take place to give students the chance to sample learning at Kingdown School and for them to experience a secondary school timetable
  • Parents are responsible for transport to and from Kingdown School (we regret that it is not possible for Year 6 to travel on the Kingdown School catchment area buses).
  • Students will meet their new tutor and join their tutor group
  • Students will be required to bring a packed lunch. 

Students who are joining us from out of catchment, may also attend these induction days.

Curriculum Links with Primary Schools

We have developed a very successful transition programme with a focus on cross-curricular skills.  Work in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities is started at the end of Year 6 and continues in Year 7.  It is a vital link between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, ensuring that all students make a confident start to their Year 7 curriculum.

House and Tutor Groups for Year 7

The most important unit for all students at Kingdown is their House/Tutor Group.  Tutor Groups usually stay the same from Year 7 to Year 13 with newcomers into Year 7 and Year 13 leaving.  Tutors will usually remain with the same group.

The beginning of the new school year

All students begin the new academic year on 4th September 2017.

All Year 7 students meet in the Main Hall where they will sit in their new House groups.  Staff will be on hand to show students where to go and what to do.  After a short welcome from the Headteacher and other senior staff, students leave the hall with Sixth Form members of their tutor group and go to their tutor room where they will receive their personal organiser and timetable.  Later they will meet their Head of House for a short assembly.  The remainder of the day will be spent in timetabled lessons.

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