In what has been a particularly challenging year, we want to show you a little of what the DofE did get up to.

First, volunteering!

Kingdown students have completed over 1000 hours of volunteering in the past year, worth a staggering £5000 to the local community. This is outstanding! Well done to all students who have contributed across all levels.

Despite not being able to take part in a majority of our expeditions, we did get out into the great outdoors.

Year 11 completed their Silver Qualifying expedition in Dartmoor at the end of September in torrential rain and strong winds. They always managed to keep a smile on their faces and felt a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of the three days.

Miss Peddle even got to do a little exploring as she waited near a checkpoint.

Training Days

In March we had a couple of training days.

Students practiced their map reading skills, bag packing and ensured they could put up a tent. They also planned a walking route around Warminster and learnt some emergency First Aid.

Well done to our Bronze, Silver and Gold students for a fantastic Navigation training day (16th March). Students were given 6 checkpoints and had to come up with their own route between them, they then worked out exactly how far it would be, the height that they would climb and the time that it would take them. They were successfully able to navigate between the checkpoints and make it back in time for the end of school day!


A word of warning; make sure you wear the right footwear!

As part of the DofE award students complete a skills, volunteering and physical section as well as an expedition. A massive congratulations to our Bronze, Silver and Gold students that have been able to adapt and continue to complete their sections despite the current circumstances.

We assure you that we will return, and your expeditions will run in the future.

If you are in Year 9 or above and interested in taking part in the DofE next year, please keep an eye on the tutor notices when we are back at school.

For now, take care and see you in September.