Coronavirus Update. Sunday 22nd March, 2020, 8.00pm

Thank you to parents who responded to our ‘Key Workers’ survey on Friday afternoon. Please note that we will now be unable to accept further students on Monday morning.

If you have not completed the Key Workers survey, but need to send your child to school as you have no practicable alternative childcare arrangements, please call the school on Monday to discuss your situation.

Coronavirus Update. Friday 20th March, 2020, 10.20am

There is an important news item on the school website with information about:

  • Key Workers – who they are
  • Wiltshire buses
  • Letting Kingdown School know if you are a key worker intending to send their child(ren) in to school

Please click here to read the latest news on these items

The Government have also released an updated page of use to parents and carers (external link)

Coronavirus Update. Thursday 19th March, 2020, 9.20pm

Below is an update about safeguarding as of 9.20pm on Thursday 19th March.

Safeguarding Update. Our responsibility to our pupils

Whilst the school is closed, our duty and responsibility to safeguarding our pupils remains. Our regular check ins with families needing a bit of extra help and support will continue throughout the period of school closure, just as if the school was open. Please do not feel offended if a member of school staff contacts you to check in with you, and your child. If you have any concerns about this or would like to speak about if further, please contact your child’s Head of House.  If you have any safeguarding concerns whilst the school is closed, for your child or for any other pupil from the school, please contact Designated Safeguarding Lead David Richardson at

Below are updates as of 4.30pm on Thursday 19th March.

School Closed to Years 11, 12 and 13 on Friday 20th March, 2020

Due to increasing levels of self-isolation amongst our staff, we are no longer able to safely staff the school for all year groups. We have therefore taken the difficult decision to close the school to Years 11, 12 and 13 with immediate effect, other than for Year 13 students who still have mock examinations to complete. This means that students in these year groups should not attend the school tomorrow (Friday).

Please note that we have received a very great many questions from students in these year groups about examinations, and about the Year 11 prom / the Year 13 ball. We will be sharing further information on all of these matters in due course; please check the website for updates.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support through this most difficult of times. Our students and staff have been magnificent in showing resilience in the face of the greatest adversity; while we will as a community undoubtedly experience tough times ahead, we all look forward in a positive and optimistic manner to the future and a return to normality.

With very best wishes

Dave Locke

Keyworker List

We are still awaiting the finalised list of key workers. We have a form ready and available once the list has been confirmed. Please keep an eye on the website for a form where you can indicate whether you intend to send your child(ren) in to school if you meet the requirement.

Notice from Wiltshire School Nursing Service

Dear Parents, Carers and Young People,

We are aware that it is a very anxious time and there may be concerns about where to access support in coming weeks during school closures or you needing to self isolate. As a school nursing service we would like to let you know we are here to support you during this time.

For secondary school age young people:

  • We have set up a confidential telephone drop-in service Monday to Friday 12-2pm. Any young person that would like to call and speak to a qualified nurse on the end of the phone can call 0300 247 0090 Monday to Friday 12-2pm and speak to them.
  • We also have our CHAT health text service so you can text a school nurse for advice or support for any health issues or worries, again this is confidential and you don’t need to give your name if you don’t want to the number is 07480 635513

For parents of any school age child:

We have duty school nurses available at the end of the phone Monday to Friday 9-5pm should you require any support with your school age child. This is available permanently for all parents to access for advice and support. If you would like support please call one of our nurses through our Single Point of access on 0300 247 009

Kind Regards

Wiltshire School Nursing Service

Coronavirus Update. Wednesday 18th March, 2020, 8.00pm

You may well be aware of the government announcement this evening that schools, colleges and early years settings are to close from this Friday afternoon onwards, other than for children of key workers and vulnerable children.

The most recent update from the Government website is here:

We are currently unaware of the final classification of workers deemed ‘key workers’. A list is expected to be available on Thursday 19th March; as soon as we have this information we will publish an update on our website.

As a school, a great deal of planning has already taken place to ensure we are able to offer continuing educational provision to all of our students. However, we are also aware that tonight’s announcement is going to prove exceedingly challenging to our students, and to our families. We will do all we can to support you through these difficult times.

Please bear with us at this time and please keep checking the school website for the latest information possible.

We hope to share further plans with you in the very near future.

Updated advice, guidance, news as on Tuesday 17th March, 2020, 9.00am

Following the latest government Coronavirus update and advice we are now uploading work for absent students, to support learning from home. This work will be:

  • Uploaded via the Go4Schools platform
  • Available in approximately 2 week ‘chunks’ for each subject
  • Supplied on paper for those parents / students who have requested this

Please contact the school if you have any difficulties accessing materials electronically.

New Year 6 Parents Meeting on Thursday 19th March – Cancelled

The Year 6 New Parents Meeting on Thursday, 19th March at 6.00pm has been cancelled until further notice, we will contact Primary Schools with further information.

Updated advice, guidance, news as on Monday 16th March, 2020, 8.15pm

Can parents / carers please remember the current (national) protocol for dealing with the virus / symptoms and what you should do.

What to do if you have coronavirus symptoms in the UK:

  • You and your household should stay at home for 14 days if you have either: a high temperature or a new continuous cough
  • This will help to protect others in your community while you are infectious.
  • Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.
  • You do not need to contact NHS 111 to tell them you’re staying at home.
  • People who are self-isolating with mild symptoms will not be tested.

Absence Line

Please inform the school via the absence line if this is the case – tel: 01985 224224

School Advice of Student Isolation

Please note that the school is not able to offer advice on whether or not an individual should self-isolate. Please refer to the NHS website (external link) for further advice.

Setting of work 

If your son / daughter enters self-isolation, teachers will be setting work that they can be working on when, or if, appropriate. We will look to update you as plans develop and keep you fully up-to-date with any developments. Please contact your son / daughter’s tutor by email (internal link) if you have any concern or query.

Letter sent home to parents / carers on Friday 13th March, 2020

Dear Parent

I am writing to you to keep you up to date with the plans which are being put into place at Kingdown in light of the continuing coronavirus outbreak. I am sure you are aware that the situation remains under continuous review by the government, and so advice may change at very short notice; could I please ask you to check the school website regularly for updated information about the school.

At the time of writing, the intention is not to close Kingdown School. However, this situation could change and we have to be prepared should circumstances dictate that closure becomes necessary. The most likely reasons for closure would be:

  • A government order to close all schools in an area, or in the country
  • Insufficient staffing levels available to the school to ensure the safety and welfare of students (This latter reason may result in a partial school closure; priority in this circumstance would be given to exam classes)

Please note that we have taken the decision to cancel many non-essential activities for the foreseeable future, to avoid the unnecessary exposure of students and staff to potential exposure to Covid-19. Advice and information about individual trips and activities will be supplied by the trip leader; in the meantime please feel free to contact them directly via email.

In the event of a full or partial school closure, plans have been put into place to offer remote learning via Go4Schools. Could you please ensure that you have access to the website or app (internal link) so that you are able, wherever possible, to support your child’s learning.

Students are being offered additional training sessions in school for those who have not used the platform previously. I am aware that not all of our families have internet access at home; we are planning wherever possible to provide hard copies of work in these instances, but would ask that you contact your child’s Head of House to advise that this is the case, so we have a comprehensive list of which of our students this applies to.

Students have been offered clear advice and information about the coronavirus in school, in particular with regards to maintaining high levels of personal hygiene. I would urge you to point your child in the direction of a reliable news source, such as the BBC News website, to help avoid unnecessary worry through rumour and the spread of ‘fake news’.

And finally, the current governmental advice is for anyone with a “new, continuous” cough or high temperature to self-isolate for seven days. Please do note the symptoms under which this advice is offered, and let the school know (via the absence line – 01985 224224) if this is the case. Other cases of illness will be treated as normal.

I would like to thank you for your continuing support and patience through this difficult period. I will be in touch again should the situation evolve further. In the meantime, please do contact the school through the usual channels should you require any specific advice or guidance about your son / daughter.

Your Sincerely


Mr Dave Locke