Contacting the school: Who and When?

Just as it is hard to know how to achieve a balance between offering your child too much support – and be seen as fussing – and leaving them to flounder and perhaps fail, it is also hard to achieve the balance between becoming the ‘over anxious parent’ on the phone to school every time your child falls out with a friend or grazes their knee – and letting things go on too long because you don’t want to interfere.

The following advice will help you to know who to contact and when.

Your role with your son or daughter

The answer is to keep talking to your child about how things are at school. You will then build up a picture of your child’s general feelings about school, friendships and school life. You would then be in a position to decide whether intervention is required or not.

You know your child best, and if any aspect of school life is persistently distressing them, it is probably best to err on the side of caution and intervene early.

Talk to your child, offer reassurance and suggest ways of solving the problem themselves.

Your first point of contact with Kingdown School

Your first point of contact will always be your child’s tutor, but please remember that in any large school it will not be possible to speak to the tutor immediately.

When you phone the school, a message will be left for the tutor, who will then contact you. Some problems are solved by a phone call, others might require a meeting. This will be up to the tutor to decide and organise.

If the problem relates to work in a particular subject, the tutor might suggest a discussion or meeting with the teacher concerned, or the Head of Faculty should this be necessary.

Who else may be contacted?

Serious issues such as bullying incidents will be referred to the Head of House.  Any concerns regarding health matters will be referred to the School Nurse, Mrs Alston, who will arrange to talk to you.

GDPR / Data Protection Office

Kingdown School’s Data Protection Officer is:

Judicium Consulting Limited
72 Cannon Street,



Telephone: 0203 326 9174

Lead Contact: Craig Sitwell

How to contact the school:

You can contact the school in writing:

Kingdown School
Woodcock Road
BA12 9DR

By telephone:

01985 215551 where you will speak to one of our receptionists – Mrs Godfrey or Mrs Eggington.

Dedicated student absence line:

01985 224224

Alternatively, the school’s fax number is:

01985 846697


Please feel free to contact the school via email to the following email address:

The email will be received by Mr Biggs, our Communications Manager, who will forward the enquiry or comment on to the relevant individual involved.

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