Statutory Attendance Marks

The statutory marks for a student’s attendance are lesson 1 and lesson 5 – these make up the 100% attendance mark for the day.  If a student fails to attend before the registers close (8.55am) they will lose their AM mark and therefore only be able to achieve 50% attendance for the day.  Students are also registered internally every lesson – during periods 1, 2, tutor time, 3, 4 and 5 – for safeguarding reasons.

Medical appointments

Students need to remember to sign-in at reception if they are late for school or if they are leaving school during the day, either for a medical appointment or other reasons.  We would really appreciate medical and dental appointments not being made during the school day wherever possible. However, we understand that this is not always something that you can control. Afternoon appointments are best because students are likely to miss less of the school day.   As a school we only authorise a maximum of half a day for a single medical appointment; there are exceptions to this if a pupil is having a course of lengthy or specialist medical treatment.

Penalty notices for leave of absence; advice to parents

In line with Government Guidelines, Kingdown School is using the Penalty Notice scheme for leave of absence in term time. Parents should be aware that they are liable to receive a penalty notice from the Local Authority if they take their children out of school to go on holiday or for other planned absence.

If there are exceptional circumstances involved, you must seek authorisation from the Headteacher by completing the appropriate form available from the Heads PA, Mrs Krzyzosiak (

The Headteacher will inform the parent in writing of the decision made regarding authorisation of the holiday or leave of absence in term time.

Attendance Reward Points

100% each week = 1 positive reward point
100% for the whole term = 10 positive reward points
6 terms a school year = 99 positive reward points available