Thank you to those who participated and supported this event. 

Despite the rain when we were setting up the course, the sun came out at 10.30am.  Some great competition from all the teams and the final results stand as follows:

  • Wembley House – 1st (4mins 12 secs)
  • Lords House – 2nd (4mins 24 secs)
  • Wimbledon House – 3rd (4mins 25 secs)
  • Millennium House – 4th (4mins and 27secs)
  • Staff team – 5th (4mins 29secs)
  • Twickenham – 6th (4mins 34secs)
  • Burma Company 3 Yorks – 7th (4mins 43secs)
  • Welfare office 3 Yorks – 8th (5mins 26 secs)

The winning team received a £25 gift voucher and a trophy.

£800 has been raised for Help for Heroes and the Army council did a great job in organising the event.

Thank you to all of those that have been involved and to staff who have taken part.

Miss Ronxin