Secondary School Application Form

You can apply for a place at Kingdown School through the Admissions Team at Wiltshire County Council. The quickest way is to complete an application form online by visiting the County Council’s website:

Contact details for the Admissions Team:

Schools Admissions Team
Wiltshire Council
County Hall
BA14 8JN
Telephone number: 01225 713010

Interview and visit

After you have submitted your application, please contact the school (by telephone: 01985 215551) to arrange to meet with Mr Dudley, Deputy Headteacher, who is responsible for admissions.

If you have a copy of your child’s most recent school report, please bring it with you to your meeting with Mr Dudley.

The school is open to visitors for two mornings (Talk and Tours) through the year, as well as for our main Open Day in the summer.   A Sixth Form Open Evening also takes place in November.

Talk and Tour (9.00am to 11.00am)

  • Tuesday, 9th October 2018
  • Tuesday, 5th February 2019

Talk and Tour mornings are informal, with guided tours of the school during a normal working morning, followed by an opportunity to meet the headteacher, and other senior staff, over coffee.  We ask visitors to contact the school to book a place on a tour.

Please keep an eye on our Open Days page (internal link) for our latest Open Days and Talk and Tour opportunities.

Sixth Form Open Evening (6.00pm to 8.00pm)

This academic year, our Sixth Form Open Evening will take place on Thursday, 15th November 2018.

This is a chance for students who wish to join our excellent purpose built Sixth Form facilities, with their families.  Potential stuents are invited to tour the school and speak with subject teachers about the courses on offer at Kingdown School.

Please keep an eye on our Open Days page (internal link) for our latest Open Days and Talk and Tour opportunities.

Open Day 2019 (9am to 11am and 5pm to 6.30pm):

This academic year, our Open Day will take place on Tuesday, 2nd July 2019.

The format for Open Day for our visitors is guided tours of the school (during normal lessons in the morning), followed by a formal talk by the headteacher in the Large Hall at 10am.  During the evening session the departments across the school showcase their facilities and display student work and the headteacher will repeat his formal talk in the Large Hall at 6pm.

Teachers and students are available to speak with visitors.  It is not necessary to book a place for Open Days.

All prospective students and their parents are most welcome to come along to our Open Day.  Year 5 pupils, and their families, may wish to take particular advantage of this event in readiness of the 31st October deadline for the submission of applications for secondary school places.

Please keep an eye on our Open Days page (internal link) for our latest Open Days and Talk and Tour opportunities.

Admissions Consultation

We are consulting on our Admissions Policy for entry to Kingdown school from academic year 2020-2021. Please note that we are not proposing any changes to our existing Admissions Policy; however in line with statutory requirements for schools and academies, we are required to consult on our arrangements at least every 7 years.

If you have any comments on the policy, please write to the school at: Admissions Consultation, Kingdown School, Woodcock Road, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 9DR by Monday 19th November 2018.

Start Date

Providing your application is successful, a start date will be agreed, and you will be told which House your child will join.  (Certain uniform items, e.g. ties, are in house colours so it is important to know this when buying uniform)

First Day

New students usually start at 10.30am on their first day to give them a chance to meet their Head of House, and their tutor. New Students must come to school on their first day wearing correct school uniform, and ready to learn.  Every student is expected to be equipped with a pen, pencil, ruler and calculator. Our Planned Admission Number (PAN) is 277 in year groups 7 to 11.

Moving from Primary to Secondary School

Moving from Primary to Secondary school is an exciting and significant event for your child. He or she is expected to cope with a whole variety of new experiences and challenges, many of which demand skills and abilities they have not had to use before. These skills have to be taught, and your child will need support in developing them.

For many parents, their own experience of Secondary education is all they have to go on – and as we all know, nothing ever stays the same. We have a dedicated section on our website about the primary transition. All applications for a place at Kingdown School must be submitted to the Admissions Team in Trowbridge (see above), with a deadline of 31st October.

Please note that, due to a significant increase in expected demand for places in September 2019, we are temporarily increasing our PAN (Planned Admission Number) from 277 to 300 for 2019-20 and for this year group only.

A Learning Partnership

Kingdown School and its feeder primary schools are part of a Learning Partnership. They are committed to working together to provide an education that fully prepares all students for the world today and for the future.

The Transition Programme

There is a well established Transition Programme designed to link learning between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, with a focus on key learning skills. This ensures that the students make a confident start to their Year 7 curriculum.  Also, every effort is made to enable students to settle in quickly and feel part of the Kingdown School community in their new houses, tutor groups and classes.

The Induction Days at Kingdown School

To help with this process, your child will spend three days participating in an Induction Programme at Kingdown School in July, when they will get to know the school and experience some KS3 lessons.  However, most parents would like to be able to reassure their children and help to prepare them for the changes ahead. It’s worth the effort to get them right to start with – so much easier than putting things right when they’ve gone wrong.

As a parent, how can I help?

Achieving the balance between doing too much or too little for your child is difficult. A useful rule of thumb is never do anything regularly for your child that they are capable of doing for themselves. A list of the top ten worries that Year 6 students always mention:

  • Being bullied
  • Not making friends
  • Getting lost
  • Homework
  • Not being able to do the work
  • Getting to school and back – if it involves a bus journey
  • Not having the right books and equipment
  • Not knowing what to do if there’s a problem
  • Not getting on with teachers
  • Getting into trouble

Most students are anxious about not being with their friends and not making new friends. The most helpful thing you can do is tell your child that everyone else will be feeling anxious, and within a week or two their worries will have disappeared.

At Kingdown School we make every effort to ensure that no student is socially isolated, and new friendship groups are actively encouraged and supported.

The other major worry for Year 6 students is bullying. Kingdown School has a rigorous anti-bullying policy and we pride ourselves on being a ‘telling’ community. Bullying of any description is not tolerated.

If your child is being bullied at school, they must tell their tutor, another teacher or any other adult in the school straight away.

They will be listened to, and action taken immediately.

The remaining worries are nearly all to do with the new organisational demands that will be placed upon them. Luckily these are the areas in which you can help the most.

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