In a tribute to the memory of Kingdown students who have died tragically early over recent years, School Site Manager Nick Trimby and Teaching Assistant (and Nick’s wife) Nicky Trimby have produced a flag that is going to flown from the top of Mount Everest, Nepal.

The felt flag has the names of six young people stitched onto the front of it, backed with each of their favourite colours whilst the reverse of the flag says ‘In Loving Memory’.

The flag will be carried by a World Record breaking expedition team  who are attempting to host the highest dinner party ever (27,000 feet) during their ascent of Everest.

The expedition leader (Nima Kraancha Sherpa) was the expedition leader for the Kingdown Everest visit in 2014, and will be again in 2018. The young people who are being remembered in this extraordinary act are:

  • Louis Coldwell (whose siblings attend Kingdown School)
  • Kimberley Office
  • Matthew Garrett
  • Millie Crouch and Jackson Watters
  • Hollis May-Suteau

If all goes to plan the flag will reach the summit by the end of May, and the memory of these much loved and missed young people will live on at the World’s highest peak.

The following pictures were added on Wednesday 11th April as the flag makes it way up Everest…

The following pictures were added on Sunday 15th April with the flag around 4,300m…

The following pictures were added on Tuesday 17th April with the flag now at Base Camp…

The following pictures were added on Sunday 6th May with the flag now at 7,000m…