Our three day induction programme will run from Wednesday 28th June to Friday 30th June and is an essential part of a student’s  journey into post 16 study.

  • Attend 2 induction lessons in each of the subjects you will be studying
  • Spend social time in your new 6th form base with other sixth formers
  • Meet the 6th form team and learn what is required for success on a post 16 programme of study
  • Learn about our personalised Professional Tutoring support programme
  • Each day will be normal school hours 8.30am – 14.50pm
  • Sixth form dress code is expected and can be found here

Subject staff will be setting research activities for completion during the summer in preparation for September

The school has had a large number of applications this year (from current students and external applicants) and popular courses are oversubscribed. Please note that students attending the induction days and completing the research tasks will be given priority in over-subscribed subjects. Entry grade criteria will be enforced rigorously and students must achieve appropriate grades to join courses (support and guidance from the 6th form team will be available on results day for any students)

I look forward to seeing our new prospective sixth form students at 8.30am in the 6th form centre. In the meantime I can be contacted at school mr@kingdown.wilts.sch.uk

Mr Murray
Head of Sixth Form